The Nifty Guide to Coupons - Part 2

 Wednesdays on  The Nifty Thrifty lady there will be a running series on money saving tips and tricks. For the next several weeks it will be on couponing. I hope you all, read, learn and enjoy saving money!


A Nifty Thrifty Guest: How to Make a DIY Dog T-Shirt

How to Make an Upcycled Dog T-ShirtIt's Tuesday which means we all made it through Monday(give yourself a hand)! On Tuesdays at The Nifty-Thrifty Lady I have left the topic wide and open...oooh the possibilities. Today I have my first guest, Stephanie Reese or my middle sister! She has recently became the mother of a furry child and had a thrifty way to keep him warm as the weather changes. Enjoy and a big Thanks to Steph!


The Nifty Thrifty Lady Challenge for Christmas!

Ready for a challenge?

 I am always ready, you have to be when you have a 5 year old and teach!
Well how about filling a shoebox only using coupons?
 No I do not mean throw all of your coupons in a shoebox and forget about them!


Update: A Thrifty Mom's Dream

This is the recycling station that is outside of the Shell / Domino's on Maugans Ave. It is very easy to use but here is a mini tutorial

The Thrifty Guide to Coupons - Part 1 {Coupon Polices}

what is a coupon policyToday I was trying to think what saves me the most money and most of the time I have to admit it is coupons.
 Let me first say I am not an EXTREME couponer. I like to say I am a BALANCED couponer.
In the ideal world I could find and use a coupon for everything I buy, but realistically that is not possible for me. So I do buy things that are full price...bummer I know. Mostly fresh produce or meats. I do have some thrifty ways to save on those items too but that is later.


A Thrifty Mom's Dream

recycling greenopilis As a thrifty lady I try to pass it down to my son, the same way my parents and grandparents did for me.

Here we go...

Hello World, or should I say fellow coupon-ers, money savers, moms, or frugal friends! I am Jen Ward or otherwise know as a thrifty lady. I am not "the" thrifty lady just "a" thrifty lady who would like to a) journal her savings, b) share tips, tricks, and my knowledge with others about a balanced, thrifty life c) learn from you! I am a very eclectic saver, I coupon, reuse, meal plan, (try) to save money, shop for bargains, and stay informed about area activities that are cheap or free. My goal is to bring you that knowledge and have some fun while tracking my savings. I hope you enjoy.