The Thrifty Guide to Coupons - Part 1 {Coupon Polices}

what is a coupon policyToday I was trying to think what saves me the most money and most of the time I have to admit it is coupons.
 Let me first say I am not an EXTREME couponer. I like to say I am a BALANCED couponer.
In the ideal world I could find and use a coupon for everything I buy, but realistically that is not possible for me. So I do buy things that are full price...bummer I know. Mostly fresh produce or meats. I do have some thrifty ways to save on those items too but that is later.

I am going to starting a 5 part series entitled:

The "Thrifty" guide to using Coupons

Today I would like to talk about knowing coupons. What is there to know? A lot actually! If you are going to dedicate time to clipping and organizing you owe it to yourself to learn the best way to use them and get the most bang for your buck!

STEP 1 - What is a coupon:

A coupon is a promotional tool distributed by the manufacture of the brand. They want to build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

To the coupon user (US) it is as good as cash. When we redeem a .50 coupon at the cash register that is .50 WE KEEP!

There are some very important parts to a coupon:

  • The expiration date: You can not use a coupon past the expiration date but you can use it up until midnight of the date
  • The money amount: The money amount if how much you keep in your pocket. Check your stores policy on doubling/tripling coupons
  • The quantity of products:After the money amount a coupon will say how many products have to be purchased with one coupon i.e. 50 off of one or $3.00 off of two
  • The fine print: the fine print will tell you how many of the same coupons can be used in one transaction, day, or shopping trip.

STEP 2 - Know the Coupon Policy at the stores you shop most frequent:

Here are the top stores coupon policies:
So what is a coupon policy?  Each store makes rules and regulations on how a customer can use coupons. I always try to follow them because then you can be a trusted customer. Most of the policies are very simple and let you use coupons to the fullest.

Tip: The coupon verbiage  A.K.A. the fine print on the coupon should be adhered to OVER the stores coupon policy. This is because the store will not be reimbursed if the coupon is not used properly.

There you have it friends your first lesson in the Thrifty Guide to Coupons. Let me know what you think! Want to learn more about how to save 50-70% off your monthly grocery bill? Attend a coupon class!


  1. Thanks, this was a big help =D

  2. I am so very Glad! If you have any questions let me know!

  3. I didn't realize that these stores would let you use in store coupons and manufacture coupons on the same item, this will save me even more money, thanks for the tip!