A Thrifty Mom's Dream

recycling greenopilis As a thrifty lady I try to pass it down to my son, the same way my parents and grandparents did for me.
Well today on the way home we stopped to pick up pizza...Dominio's has the large three topping pizza for 7.99! I am not sure you can do better with it being hot and ready to go. Well we are all buckled up and my son see's a man putting plastic bottles in a machine outside the building. He then unbuckles and starts searching my care for empty bottles to recycle!! Of course I told him we could. Usually my car is scattered with empty bottles, but I am trying to keep it clean (wink, wink) which meant we only found one. Out of the car we go up to the machine and as I begin to register I read...The Pepsico is using recycled plastic and aluminum bottle to help fun disabled veterans businesses. On top of that there is a reward system that allows you to earn points and receive coupon or gift cards. My son stumbled upon a thrifty find that is good for the earth, supporting veterans, and earning him toys ( I am allowing him to use the rewards, after all if it wasn't for him we would not have done it)! This was both a nifty and thrifty idea! Here is the link if you would like to find a location to recycle or check out the program for yourself!

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