Update: A Thrifty Mom's Dream

This is the recycling station that is outside of the Shell / Domino's on Maugans Ave. It is very easy to use but here is a mini tutorial

The first time you use the station you have to pull out on one of these buttons. This will allow you to take a rewards card. Then you scan it and enter your personal information.

Next you scan your recycling and put it in the designated receptacle. It is that simple! I hope you try it out.

This is our families thrifty recycling bin. It is a cheap tub with a recycling sign printed out on paper! I was always on the hunt for a new bin but they are really quite expense in stores. We also go to the public landfill so we can not get one through our trash company. This was my thrifty remedy best part it was free because all of the materials were just laying around!

There are also quite a few stations in the West Virginia area and Pennsylvania area. Happy Recycling!


  1. Very cool! So...how is it a dream machine? I hope we'll get one around here (in PA)! -Christine @ Why We Love Green

  2. Oh, I get it! Haha, I had to read the original post. Wow, so it's a triple-threat of goodness! That is really amazing. We just recycle through our city right now, and thank goodness it's free. But I would love to "earn" and help with our recycling! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Christine I am not sure where you are in PA but here are many locations there, I am in Md but am very close to the state line. I love this little machine!