Can Picky be Cheap?

How to stay on budget with picky eater
I love my son to death and I love my husband to death but their eating habits are...well...terrible. I never thought of this in a frugal way until I was creating my Family Staples List one day.

First,let me say that cooking is a passion of mine. Trying new things, making new creations, the kitchen is truly my comfort zone. My husband and son are the worst when it comes to eating anything new or for that matter healthy.  I would love to see them be judges on one of the cooking reality shows it would go something like this and I quote-
My son-"I really do not want to try this, I sorta like it but no, not really it tastes yucky."
Now my husband-" I'm sorry  is there chunks of something in this? Yes?  Oh, well I don't like it then."
 The poor chefs would leave the stage baffled because they gave gourmet food to the guys that eat at dinners and dives!
 I am not totally complaining about my families eating habits. It has its high points a) I can make the same three things every day and they will eat it b) if there is a super great deal on a food they like I just buy the store out of it! (sharing this with you all is making me laugh just so you know!) My point to this post is a picky eater be a cheap eater.

Over the past 10 years I have adapted to the way my husband eats: if a recipe calls for an onion, onion powder is the substitute, the same for peppers or minced garlic. If I am to use tomatoes they go in the food processor first. If there are one or two ingredients in the recipe that I know they will not like then I leave them out (as long as it is not going to change the whole idea of the dish). When it comes to vegetables I either buy fresh and just get enough for me or buy the smallest canned ones I can find. Picky eaters are part of the world and a  good chef knows how to please everyone on even on a budget!



  1. Picky eaters are definitely rampant in my home! I have grown use to making a dish, omitting ingredients, adding different ingredients and doing anything in my power to please everyone at the table. It can indeed be frugal with a little extra effort. :-)

  2. I like your thrifty blog! I think it's nice when there a narrative posts mixed in, so this is one I will visit again for sure! The back ground feel homey too which also makes me happy to visit : )