Do Not Be Anxious About Life: Relaying on God to Provide

It is Tuesday and that means anything goes! I should start out by saying if you look at my site for deals and coupons this post may not mean much to you...however it is the prime example of why I have chosen too live thrifty and with-in my means.

 As you may know I am a part-time teacher for students before and after school. This position is rather perfect for my families schedule and our needs. I also truly love my job! Yesterday there was a meeting and due to economic hurts the before and after school staff had some hours cut. At that moment I was quite distressed and honestly still am a bit. My thirftyness and money savings can only stretch so far! After our meeting we went on with our regular routines. It was my turn to teach bible and I had planned to read a bible story and discuss (my children are k-2). However, I felt my heart saying
 Do not be anxious, trust God to Provide.
Many times I have turned to Matthew 6 and read verses 25-34. I felt as though God wanted me to share that with my kids and as it turns out I was right. Not only did they have so many worries so young, knowing that God was using me there made me not AS anxious. I am sharing this with all of you who are having hard times or worried about things that are only in Gods Hands.

Matthew 6:34
"Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

I makes me rest well knowing that God will take care of me and provide me with the things my family needs.

Thank you for letting me use this post to process! 

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