I don't use coupons!?!? The story of a non-frugal husband

I am dedicated to making my blog a personal journey of savings as much as I am to helping others save money. So, I think I should tell you that my husband does not use coupons! Go ahead and gasp or laugh, it is truly ironic.

 I have been clipping coupons since we first lived together. He has never used a coupon in his life. I wanted to share this with you because it is important to know that you can still save money even if the whole family is not completely on board with coupons or bargain hunting. I have two "boys" in my house so I am not under the illusion that they are going to wake up one day and be trilled with shopping for 2 hours!
TIP ONE: Try to do all of the shopping if possible. The reason I am bring this up is because my husband needed new dress pants for work. He is very specific on his clothing so this task I usually let up to him. We both noticed that JcPenny's had a sale on the type of pants that he likes and I noticed they had a promo  for $10.00 off $50.00. The pants were $29.99 each and he needed two pair so that would work perfectly.
 I handed him the coupon to use online, but of course they were out so that meant a trip to the store. Even though I handed him the coupon he still did not use it. So, I had to live with the fact that he was getting pants for $60.00 not $50.00! It is very frustrating some days to think how simple it is to use a coupon but, so many people just don't.
TIP TWO: BUDGET FOR THE FULL PRICE. I am not sure if it is embarrassment, pride, or just not wanting to deal with handing over a coupon. Whatever it may be I know I will have to deal with it and budget for the full price amount for his needs. Budgeting this amount helps us prepare each month and if I can shop for the needs I will be under budget :)
My husband is a great man and says that he doesn't like to bother with coupons! Crazy I know from the queen of thrifty. But don't let someone else discourage you from saving money or from anything else for that matter! When I come home with a months worth of groceries and spent only $100.00 he is very happy that I like to coupons and bargain hunt!


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  1. What a great post!! It's true that sometimes one person in the couple is more comfortable with using coupons. My husband was better at it than I was and I never liked them. It was my friend that made me see the errors of my ways. One of my favorite stories about this is that my friend and I were out bowling with our kids. She had a coupon for the bowling. While we were there our kids wanted to buy some candy. We both said that we were going for ice cream after bowling. My friends daughter said, "Well, my mom doesn't have a coupon for the candy machine so of course we can't get it" We always laugh over it!! Thanks for a great post!