Simple and Cheap"SPOOKY" Halloween Craft

Halloween is coming and I am always trying to come up with cheap and nifty decorations. This project is
simple enough to let your kids help!
What you Need:
White paper bags
Orange, Black, and Green Marker
Step one:
Cut your white paper bags so that you can make two rectangles, you will not use the bottom part. I cut six. Then ball up one half sheet of newspaper. Place the ball of newspaper in the middle of the six rectangles like so.
Step Two:
Fold the rectangle in half so that the ends meet. Then you will want to work the paper around the ball of newspaper making it look like a ghost. When the head is formed you will then twist the paper around the neck to hold it in place.

Step Three:
Tie a any color ribbon around the ghosts neck.

Step Four:
Use your markers to draw on a face. I drew a happy one but you can be creative!
Step Five:
Use another color ribbion to thread through the back of the ghosts. This will make your Garland. I suggest that you measure the area you will hang it and allow for space in between each ghost.

Finally Hang up and enjoy!

Happy crafting!

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