Update: Operation Christmas Child

It is almost that time to turn in your shoeboxes! Did you accept my challenge? There is still time if you didn't. If you are new to The Nifty-Thrifty Lady I challenged everyone to fill a shoebox for a child in need using only coupons or great deal finds and find a local organization that was taking donations!

 I was trying to fill two boxes but had to settle on one large one! Here is the update on our box:

It is filled and turned into a local Church YaY me~

Here is our box (and a special appearance by my son!)

Okay so here is what is inside and the price break down:
Butterscotch Hard candy:   .99
Aquafresh toothpaste:        Free (in stockpile)
Travel size Aquafresh:        Free (w/coupon)
Crayola Paints:                  .98 (Clearance)
Toothbrush:                      1.00 (Clearance)
Train sticker book:            Free (left over from projects)
First Aid kit :                    .38 (w/coupon)
Mighty Beans :                  2.17 (clearance)
2 Hot Wheels :                 .99 each (sale)
Construction Paper :         1. 24 (clearance)

TOTAL                             9.74           I am very excited that we could help out a child in need! I am even more excited to hear if any of you have taken the challenge!


  1. fantastic idea! I will take this challenge! I'm visiting from VB and glad came across such a motivational post. thanks

    gina @ http://ginawithlove.blogspot.com/

  2. Whata wonderful project to get your children involved is GREAT!!!
    I've got a little stock pile of some things that can EZ filly a box ...I'll grab my kids and we'll fill it NICE CHALLANGE.
    Also would love the Book links to add when I do the November Pam's Playhouse post.
    TY for stopping in =)

  3. what a great idea! and project to get involved in. Service projects are the things I remember most about my younger years. They really remind you about how grateful you should be. wonderful job! take care, coming to you from VB