Have you Checked Facebook for Yard Sales...

I was browsing around Facebook last week searching for pages in my area to help network myself with other ladies who love to save money. When I was doing so I came upon a page that was like a yard sale!

What happens is people in a certain area post items for sale or even better (freebies), usually they post with a price and picture so everyone can see the item. Then "yardsale-ers" go an post a comment it they would like to buy it! I believe it is first come first serve as long as the seller excepts the offer. Then since the yard sale was in your area  instead of shipping it, you simply arrange a time to meet in a public place (preferably take along someone else please safety is important to me) and make the exchange. I think this idea is great for the winter months when yard sales are hard to come buy and it is definitely less hassle then setting up a huge yard sale to run for the weekend!

In this economy I think it is great to find a good deal anywhere you can or make a little extra money too! With that being said here are some tips on how to make this great site work and be problematic free

Please use caution when meeting with someone in public, take someone along with your please!
Be honest about your item for sale condition, color, ect
When scheduled to meet be on time or notify that person IN ADVANCE
Exchange phone numbers when before you meet so you can contact

I hope you have you can find a cool page like this in your area and if not...maybe make one?!

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