It's Tuesday...so anything goes!

It has been quite some time since I have posted a Family Friendly Recipe, even though I have many in the works. I really have no idea why I haven't posted more!
Well, here is one of my son's favorite after school snacks/breakfast treat!



Money Saving Wednesday

Love the Dollar Stores? I know I do, but have you ever bought something, got it home, and found out it was not as good as quality as you might had thought or it broke within seconds? I know your thinking its a dollar, so you get what you pay for. But us frugal folk can walk into a grocery store and get something for free that is much better quality. I am not hating on the Dollar stores (like I said I love them), my sister-in-law, Dani, emailed me this list of Dollar Store Dos and Dont's from LearnVest a Financial Service (more details to come later). I have been wanting to share this with you all for a while but keep forgetting. So here is the break down What To buy at the Dollar Stores:

Do Buy                                                       Don't Buy
Everyday Cleaning Supplies               Vitamins     
Greeting Card                                      Batteries and Electronics
Gift Wrapping                                      Toys
Party                                                      Lighters 
Aluminum Foil                                      Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Other 

Surprised at all? Here is the full article with explanation! Next time your at the Dollar Store keep these items in mind!

Happy Savings
The Nifty Thrift Lady


It's Tuesdsay...so that means anythings goes!

Guess who is back?...My Nifty-thrifty Sister of course! This time she is not only bringing us a thrifty craft but some awesome news of her own;)

A Home Made Chalk Board


5 Places to Get Coupons, You May Not Have Thought Of

5 Places to get Coupons other than then the Sunday Paper
  1. Your local Library- Many libraries have a coupon swap, ours is just a basket that people put unused coupons and everyone is welcome to them!
  2. All You Magazine- this magazine is available Walmart for about $2.50, it has on average $50.00 worth of valuable coupons! If you would like you may also visit All You .com.
  3. Family or Friends that do not use their inserts, I collect from two awesome co-workers, my MIL, and grandma!
  4. Amazon.com Here you click on the coupon, add it to your cart and it will automatically deduct the coupon from your total! Amazon is a great place to buy on line I was thrilled to fine out they have coupons!
  5. Locally in Washington County, Md, if you sign up for Hoffman's Meat Markets weekly sales email, you will get a coupon about every 2 days for an extra discount on great meats!!



The Search for a better routine..

has started with my housekeeping chores. This routine is the one, like many, that is always getting pushed to the side. Not this year! I am going to take control of the dust, clutter, and over flowing laundry baskets!