It's Tuesdsay...so that means anythings goes!

Guess who is back?...My Nifty-thrifty Sister of course! This time she is not only bringing us a thrifty craft but some awesome news of her own;)

A Home Made Chalk Board

It’s been quite some time since I have come up with a “Nifty and Thrifty” craft idea. However, after the holiday’s I always feel like I have more time to be creative! This craft was my way of announcing that my husband and I are expecting our first baby to all of our friends on Facebook. After a million ideas I liked this one the best because I can keep the craft and use it as a countdown board until we get to meet our bundle of joy.

Supplies needed (and price for each):

  1. -          Picture frame WITH glass (probably free considering I had a container of about 40 picture frames just sitting in a closet. Otherwise about $1-5 for a frame at a local dollar store depending on the size you choose).
  2. -          Chalkboard Spray Paint ($4.96 at home depot)
  3. -          Chalk ($0.96 at Wal-mart)
Step-by-step instructions:

-          Step 1: Disassemble the picture frame. Carefully remove the glass.
-          Step 2: Carefully place the glass on a flat surface (preferably in a well ventilated area and covered with newspaper or a sheet).
-          Step 3: Shake the can vigorously for about a minute to mix up the spray paint.
-          Step 4:  Starting at the top of the glass make a smooth sweeping motion back and forth covering the glass from top to bottom. TIP: Make sure you spray about 12 inches away otherwise the glass gets too saturated and leaves wavy marks. If this happens quickly wipe the spray paint off before it can dry and begin again.
-          Step 5: Let coat one dry for about 40 minutes to 1 hour. Do a second coat. Repeat again as needed.
-          Step 6: Let the completed piece dry for about 24 hours. Otherwise when you write with the chalk the spray paint will scratch and come off.
-          Step 7: When those 24 hours are up, using the side of a piece of chalk cover the entire board. Erase and you can draw, announce or countdown whatever you like!

The great thing about this craft is that the spray paint will last through many projects. Whether you want to cover an entire table for a kids room or just a small picture frame. You can do so many things on every type of surface!

As always, if you have any questions about this craft, please do not hesitate to email me at Stephanie.a.reese@gmail.com!

Thanks Steph! I can not wait to try this for my new office (more to come on that) and I hope that anyone else try's it that you send in a picture! As always,

Happy Savings
The Nifty Thrift Lady

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  1. This looks so awesome! Will definitely be trying it out :)