The Search for a better routine..

has started with my housekeeping chores. This routine is the one, like many, that is always getting pushed to the side. Not this year! I am going to take control of the dust, clutter, and over flowing laundry baskets!

 I took a look at what I normally do with cleaning the house. I wait until Saturdays or the next day that I have off. I procrastinate until I get visitors or we're out of clean cups (that just sounds terrible) or worse yet the laundry pile is the laundry dump. I know that I am not the only one and to be honest I think spending quality time with family, having a meal on the table and doing homework. This is more important then housework to me.  But, it still has to be done. There is also a very satisfying feeling knowing that the house looks presentable and the next time you go to throw thrash away it is not going spew back at you!

My mission is to take 30 minutes a day and clean:

This is a PDF you can print out and post in your house!
Housekeeping Tasks
Sunday- Clean Bathrooms Top-to-Bottom
Monday- Straighten Bedrooms Everything has a place
          Clean Surfaces
Tuesday-Vacuum house
          Cat litter
Wednesday- Look at everything you have accomplished!
Thursday- Straighten main rooms Everything has a place
          Clean Surfaces
Friday- Clean out fridge
Sweep and Mop kitchen/dining room

*Load Dishwasher at night-run as needed
*Take out Trash
*Wash, Dry, Fold, and put away one load of Laundry
*Declutter any unloading zones

Clean Microwave                    Wash Windows                                           
Clean Washing Machine          Edge the carpet in main rooms
Wipe down all surfaces in kitchen thoroughly

I have been following this plan I created for the past few days and so far it is manageable. I do it in the evenings after dinner and homework. My daily task usually takes about 15 minutes.  I load or unload the dishwasher, move or fold a load of laundry AND clear my table with in 15 minutes. Then I do my special chore and this is taking about 20 minutes and once I get everything clean I am sure it will take a little less time. On Saturdays I will do one of the Monthly tasks and I like to pick one thing to organize. I am very excited to be doing this and I think that blogging about it is making me accountable too!

If you would like to try this print out the chart and post it somewhere visible. Then, pick a time of the day that you feel you can take 30 minutes and stick with it. After you have chosen a time set your phone alarm or some other form of notification so you don't forget! Then clean away. Once you are done post a comment here to brag a little on yourself!

Happy Cleaning, (just think a clean organized home is a money saving home)

The Nifty Thrifty Lady*


  1. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing, and no you are not alone. I am constantly blogging about the need for routines (and a housekeeper!) visiting from vB.

  2. this remindes me of a quote I herd once--

    ?How do you eat a 10 lbs hamburger-(WOW RIGHT)
    Answer ONE BITE AT A TIME!!

    Looking at the house as a whole is so daunting-but to brake it down makes it much more managiable.

    Popping in with vB =)

  3. I seriously wish it was this easy for me…No Dishwasher+No Laundry in the apartment presents more than its share of obstacles.

    I applaud you though! I do what I can but I have to give myself low expectations when it comes to doing everything else.

  4. Good Luck! I'm so bad at sticking to a cleaning schedule. I even made one of those handy-dandy household binders and that didn't help me. I am currently walking around 4 baskets of laundry that need to be folded. Gotta get those done today!! Again, good luck. I know I feel much better when things are clean and organized.

  5. Cut it down to 15 minutes a day by delegating your daily chores like taking out the trash to the kids! http://www.thebudgetdiet.com/clean-your-house-in-15-minutes-a-day

  6. Wonderful idea! And I agree that you will probably find that it will take less and less time as you get through all of the things once. And hopefully it will allow you to spend your saturdays doing more fun with your family without feeling guilty about not doing everything at home that day. :)

    Good luck!


  7. This is a great idea. It is overwhelming to do it all at once.

  8. I always write down what I want to do to, and put it somewhere to see. It does work, huh! Keep it up;)

  9. This post has been by far the most beneficial for my household! I hope that everyone can take away something from, motivation or inspiration! Courtney~ When I lived with out things I could never stay clean either! However looking back on it if I would have set aside time to just stay in the laundry room and read or blog I would have probably been better off ;) Happy Cleaning ladies!