It's Tuesday so anything goes!

I don't know about your house hold but at the Ward's every family member eats a different cereal. Yes, we all like some of the same cereals, but we never seem to like them when another person is eating it. What exactly is my point? Three open boxes of cereal usually means they won't be eaten before they go stale! Stale food means money wasted and that is not Nifty for Thrifty!  My solution to this problem, with out enforcing a rule that everyone eats the same box of cereal until it's gone is inexpensive Tupperware containers with labels. There are many reasons it very efficient to use  clear tupperware containers for an food products.

1. You will have a good visual to how much of an item is left, to either refill or replace
2. You can easily label or relabel
3. Your food will stay fresh longer
4. Your shelves/fridge will feel and look more organized Here are the cereal containers I found and how I labeled them:

 This is the finished product...see three boxes of cereal!

You will need:
A tupperware container of any kind (think ollies or big lots or clearance)
A hot glue gun or some form of adhesieve
label rings (craft stores/ollies in scrapbooking section)

What to do:
Simply add hot glue to the back of label ring covering the bottom half only so there is room to insert label
apply to front of tuppeware
let dry
Label paper and insert in holder

No more stale cereal and no more throwing out money!

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Happy Savings
The Nifty Thrifty Lady


It's Tuesday so anything goes! WARNING the first part is a little rant!

It is Tuesday here at the Nifty Thrifty Lady and wow do I wish I could start this morning over again. I normally wake up on Tuesday's and get the little guy off to school and pack lunches for me and my husband. Then, once they are out the door I blog or scour the web for great deals for about an hour and am off to clean and get ready for work.
Well,today went more like this: My husband 20 minutes before the bus is to pick Chris up:"are you going to get Chris on the bus?" I was still sleeping away! As a was quickly fumbling out of bed to get my robe and slippers it hit me, I was still sleeping because I have a headache the size of Texas! Well, as all mommy's know there are not sick days, so I quickly went and woke Chris up. He is a really independent little guy so he dresses himself and get everything ready for school in the mornings. He was dressed and ready to go in 7 minutes flat! I was still struggling to get lunches packed when my husband walks by to go out the door. I hand him his lunch and he says "There is training today so they provide lunch for us." Really, on a normal day when My Head was not throbbing and my instincts weren't telling me it was going to be a bad day, him saying he didn't need a lunch would not have mattered at all! In the fridge it would go and he could grab it tomorrow. Needless to say I didn't really have to much time to worry about that, Chris's bus was pulling up three minutes early and he was still getting his jacket on. So, I threw open the door and pulled the jacket on him and sent him on his way. I wish I could say I was writing this post from bed and that I had the rest of the day to recover but that is not the case. There is a staff meeting and work to go to today, so Tylenol will have to do!  Thanks for listening, So are you ready for the real post! ?

I am going to be an Aunt! You may have already know this if you read my sister's creative birth announcement! If not check it out! That means that I get to do my sisterly duty and have the baby shower! I love, love, love to plan parties! I am in love with making them look and feel high end but not spending much money at all! So I wanted to share with you a little series more like a journal of how to host a great but inexpensive baby shower! I will say journel because as I get idea's and great find's I will be sharing them with you on Tuesday's! So there will not be any real order to the post's you just have to follow along ;)
Today, I wanted to share how to find great serving ware! I found a great buy at a local store that gave me the overall theme for the shower!

After Christmas I visited our local Peir 1 store. I don't always shop their but, have been finding some great deals when I do so, I stopped in. I NEVER BUY SOMETHING FULL PRICE THERE! It is just way out of my price range. I hit the clearance spots toward the back right of the store and man am I glad I did! I was able to score all of this: (The card stock was bought at AC moores !)

I purchased everything for a little under 21.00!

The bowl's were my inspiration for the theme! How cute are they? There is a chance the gender will not be known when the shower happens so they are a great unisex color! I got all of these for around 1.00 a piece!

I can't tell you how much I love this bowl and it was only 3.98!

The servingware is all I will need to purchase because I am going to use things I already have or borrow from family! I just wanted a few unique piece's that would coordinate with the theme or in this case give me one!

Other suggestions on were to find inexpensive servingware:

Big Lots
Party City (Random seasonal things on clearance through out the year)
Dollar Tree
Christmas Tree shop

I am very excited to be sharing some cheap party tip's with you! Do you have any? We love to hear from you! Until next time,

Happy Savings
The Nifty Thrifty Lady