In the Spirit of Giving and Growing Local

I could not be more excited and happy to offer all of my readers a way to shop and save local this Christmas season! Yep, you read that right you can SAVE and SHOP just because you are an awesome reader of the Nifty Thrifty Lady!

I started this idea last year because my goal for The Nifty Thrifty Lady is to be a way for the local washington county community to save money and have fun doing it just like me!

During the Christmas season everyone is looking for the best deal, you wake up the day after thanksgiving and run to the store that is offering up the best deal on the new tv or hottest kids toy. Sundays are spend scouring the sales ads trying to price compare all the big box stores and there is always the disappointment when next week you could have gotten the same thing 5.00 cheaper.

I wanted to stop some of this hassle for the readers and myself so I decided to reach out to small local businesses and consultants to see if they would like to offer readers a special or discount! This solves many problems that thrifty shoppers face during the holiday season!

How will In the Spirit of Giving and Growing Local work?
I will be running a special Promotion from 8 Local Business or Consultants each week beginning on Sunday Evenings. There will be many great deals and original gift ideas for, Kids, Men, Women, Moms, just about anyone on your shopping list!

All you have to do is check The Nifty Thrifty Lady Blog, FB Page, Twitter, or Subscribe to the Daily Saving alert and you can take advantage of that weeks Special! It is truly that simple!

The best part is that you are also supporting small local businesses in our community!  

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