In the Spirit of Giving and Growing Local: Week Two

This week I will be featuring TWO small local businesses! The first is:
Located at 14845 National Pike Clear Spring
Open 6am-9pm Monday-Saturday
Accept Cash, EBT and Credit Cards
Dine-in tables available 

Conococheague Market is a family owned, Deli/grocery/ice cream parlor all rolled into one. They sell fresh Subs, Sandwiches, Soups, Hot Foods, Homemade Baked Goods, Ice Cream, and grocery items for the convenience of the neighborhood!  

They will also be stocking retail Christmas items for the season and Preparing Party Platters with Advance Notice!

Another great program Concocheague Market offers is Sub and Sandwich fundraisers, call today to meet and plan a profitable fundraiser!

I am excited to bring The Nifty Thrifty Readers a great coupon promotion from Conococheague Market:

 Click here to print your coupon
I love checking Concocoheague Market’s Facebook page each day to see their daily specials and what delicious new items they are baking up!
My Favorite special they offer is Mondays:
4- 7inch Cold Cuts
12pk of soda
1 bag of chips
Great to feed the family!

You can check out their menu at http://www.thegrubclub.com/r/meu_18652_15387.htm!

While you are out shopping local for Christmas you have to eat, so check out Conococheague Market! 



Boy's and thier Toy's (well Lego's)

 I did this last your as a Christmas Present to my 5 year old and he loves getting it in the mail!

Click Here to get your child a free subscription to Lego Club Magazine! The Lego Club Magazine will come 6 times a year and is based upon your child's age. The magazines include building challenges, comics, activities, puzzles, and much more! What a great and Thrifty Christmas idea for a child of any age!


Your First Way to Save: In the Spirit of Giving and Growing Local

I am excited to announce the first way to shop and save for 
“In the Spirit of Giving and Growing Local” is:

The Pampered Chef

With Local Consultant Emily Rayburn!

Emily has been with The Pampered Chef for 6 Years, her job is to help everyone save time in the kitchen.  She started selling because she wanted to fill her kitchen with quality tools. Now that her youngest child has gone to Kindergarten, she is growing her business! 

Let’s help Emily grow her client base and business!

Emily is offering up a great deal on The Pampered Chef items! I personally LOVE everything from The Pampered Chef, I find it all to be high quality and truly does save you time in the kitchen! The Pampered Chef makes for a great present and the kitchen utensils/tools are a great stocking stuffer.
So here is what Emily is offering to ALL the Nifty Thrifty Lady Readers:

  1.    10% off all orders placed by October 31
  2.     When you spend 75.00 you get 10% off your order and a Free Cookbook 
  3.   Be entered to win a FREE cookbook when you Like Emily’s Pampered Chef Page and "like"    the Post Welcoming The Nifty Thrifty Readers
  4.  Book a Show a get a free Pizza  

How to order:
Visit Emily’s Pamper Chef Website to browse the Catalog and Place order under Host Nifty Thrifty:

Message her on Facebook with your order (remember tell her The Nifty Thrifty Lady Sent you!)
Email her with your order
She will review your order and update you total with the discounts!

I know that everyone has to have an inspiring cook in their family! So start our Christmas the right way with a little money saving and helping to Give and Grow Local 2012!


In the Spirit of Giving and Growing Local

I could not be more excited and happy to offer all of my readers a way to shop and save local this Christmas season! Yep, you read that right you can SAVE and SHOP just because you are an awesome reader of the Nifty Thrifty Lady!

I started this idea last year because my goal for The Nifty Thrifty Lady is to be a way for the local washington county community to save money and have fun doing it just like me!

During the Christmas season everyone is looking for the best deal, you wake up the day after thanksgiving and run to the store that is offering up the best deal on the new tv or hottest kids toy. Sundays are spend scouring the sales ads trying to price compare all the big box stores and there is always the disappointment when next week you could have gotten the same thing 5.00 cheaper.

I wanted to stop some of this hassle for the readers and myself so I decided to reach out to small local businesses and consultants to see if they would like to offer readers a special or discount! This solves many problems that thrifty shoppers face during the holiday season!

How will In the Spirit of Giving and Growing Local work?
I will be running a special Promotion from 8 Local Business or Consultants each week beginning on Sunday Evenings. There will be many great deals and original gift ideas for, Kids, Men, Women, Moms, just about anyone on your shopping list!

All you have to do is check The Nifty Thrifty Lady Blog, FB Page, Twitter, or Subscribe to the Daily Saving alert and you can take advantage of that weeks Special! It is truly that simple!

The best part is that you are also supporting small local businesses in our community!  


BOGO coupons How in the world do I use them?

BOGO coupons are awesome and can lead to many cheap or free products. However, using them properly is the source of many couponers frustrations and confusion!

Rule 1:

BOGO coupons can not be combined with another Manufactures Cent's off coupon:

What does this mean?

If I have a Buy one "product", Get one "product" free coupon you can only use this ONE coupon for both products. The B1G1 attaches its self to both products and per the coupon "fine print" can not be combined with any other Manufacturer's  coupon!  So you can not use an additional manufactures coupon  for the item you are paying regular price for. This is based on the Coupon's fine print not the stores coupon policy! Rule 2:

BOGO Coupon with BOGO store sale:

What does this mean?

If I have a BOGO Coupon and CVS or WALGREEN'S is running a BOGO sale I can Combine these two deals to get BOTH products free.  The Store is offering a sale and the Manufacture will reimburse the store for the other free product redeemed through the BOGO Coupon.

Rule 3:

BOGO Coupon with Cents off store coupon:

If I have a BOGO coupon  for Buy one product,and get one Product free, as well as STORE coupons I can use two store coupons at CVS. I can use use ONE store coupon at TARGET. I know that it is common practice to use a Manufacturer's coupon with a Manf. BOGO coupon. However, this is against the coupon fine print and I do not want to advertise any coupon fraud. So, from now on I will not be posting an deals that would use this combination.

If you have any questions, comments, or concern's please feel free to contact me or leave a comment! Happy Couponing!


A Nifty Thrifty Challenge: Giving

Something that is close to my heart and I have chose for my life is that I serve our Lord. I will honestly say I have not been attending church regularly and building my faith in that way. However, there is never a day that goes by I do not look for God in my everyday life, look for the opportunity to praise Him or open His Word. There are many circumstances in my family and life at the moment that require my faith to be strong in Him and His plan for our lives!

One of the ways I chose to help others is by couponing. I am always looking for items that are cheap or free or deals I can't pass up so I can stock up for things not just for me, but for food pantries, family members who may need it, canned food drives, and my Favorite is Operation Christmas Child! The bible says:
Proverbs 28:27
He who gives to the poor will never want, but he who shuts his eyes will have many curses.

I do not give because I fear curses. I do not give because I feel I will be repaid for my works. The Bible also says:

 Matthew 6:3-4
But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

I give because I am able to give and would like to think if I was ever in the situation where I was in need there would be someone who was like me and would help because they can. 

Why all the talk of giving? It is time to for a Nifty Thrifty Challenge! Giving to one of my favorite organizations! 

I started giving a couple years ago and last year the Child Care Center I worked at participated in the program which made me really happy! This is a perfect opportunity for so many things:

1.Teaching your child about giving
2.Raiding your stockpile
3.Spreading the work of God to children who may not of heard of him
4.Learning to coupon
5.Fine tune your coupon practice
6.Praise the Lord that you are able to give!

Here is our box from last year (my son and I do a box for a boy each year, soon it will be two!)

This was all purchased for less then 8.00 last year and Chris had fun helping to pick out the items that we donated! It was a great bonding experience! What to fill your box with.

Here is the Challenge: 
Part 1: Fill a box! 
Fill from your stockpile, Fill by only using coupons, Fill from clearance deals! It doesn't matter how, Fill a Box and Donate it!
Part 2: Share a photo of your box and shopping story!
Email me at Jenward0942@yahoo.com!

That wraps it up! Fellow Frugal Friends!

Proverbs 21:26
…the righteous gives and does not hold back.


It's Nearly New Consignment sale...

Starts tomorrow in Willaimsport, MD! Just a friendly Reminder in case you are searching for some like new clothes, toys, or baby Gear!

Here is some info!

2012 Fall/Winter Sale Dates:

October 4 - 6, 2012

Thursday & Friday 10 am - 7pm, Saturday 9 am - 1pm (some items 50% off on Sat.)

being held at the

Williamsport American Legion

400 American Legion Dr. Wmspt. MD
It's Nearly New is a seasonal consignment sale featuring like new quality items at consignment prices. Everyone has the opportunity to earn and  save - Consignors earn 70% of their item's selling price, while shoppers save $$ on high quality, brand name children's items.


It's Tuesday....anything goes!

Tuesday's and Thursday's seem to be such an off day here at the Ward house. I am not sure if it's because these day's are close to the beginning and end of the week or if it's the addition of soccer practice that has thrown the day off. Practice is not really a big deal, just about a two hour chunk of time where Chris is on a field and I am on the side lines trying to watch and catch up on coupon organizing or paper work (I do watch him and cheer him, I promise). I have also recently just started my new job as a stay at home mom, so there is a lot of readjusting and scheduling that needs to take place. Maybe, it's just about finding a new rhythm and going with it! Whatever it maybe today is Tuesday and here at the Nifty Thrifty Lady anything goes. So, occasionally you get to hear a little rant from me :) PLEASE, feel free to weight in (positively please) or share your own rant!  With all of that being said, a project I have been working on to help manage Tuesday's, Thursdays, well any day of the week is a home Management binder. It was a Pinterest/Money saving blog inspiration. I have been working out of it now for about 2 months, but am  just recently seeing the major benefits! What is a Home Management binder? Simply put it's a binder with just about all the info you would need to help your day run smoothly, ex. planner, lunch/dinner meal plan, kids schedules, family budget, special events, receipts, take out menu's, housekeeping tasks. It's a one stop binder to everything that makes the house run.  I was very skeptical about trying to put this together and implementing in the house because:

1. I have a terrible time using one thing to do anything. I have a physical planner and a Google calendar, and a chalk board to keep track of events.

2. It takes time to place things in the binder and I can't let it just pile up on my mail center anymore! (that is probably not a valid reason, but time is precious!)

This little binder is a huge help though and in my world saves me both TIME and MONEY!

 Here's a little peek at what my binder looks like:

Here are the sites that I used to create mine. I will post more on this handy binder in the near future, today I just wanted to introduce the concept to everyone and thank the ladies that already made them!

365 Days of Pinterest Creations 
Imperfect homemaking

I have made some of printables of my own and will make them avaiable over the next couple of days!

I want to hear from you though! Do you use a home management system? Please share, idea's, tips, and where you found your ideas!

Happy Organizing!