Tuesday Tip: Organization is money saved

I have been thoroughly cleaning and organizing the house since having baby #2. 
It is AMAZING all of the thinks you find when you clean out closet's and storage spaces. Tuesdays' tip is to get organized and stay organized. It will help you save money period. 
Here are three reasons organization is money saved:

1. You will find things you may be needing to buy
2. You will be able to keep better track of items and not "re" buy something you have
3. You will be able to track when you are low on something and look for the a sale or clearace item, instead of buying it full price.

I always thought organizing had to be massive undertakings, but I am doing one thing everyone two days or so and am in love with how much easier simple tasks are with a clean organized system! 

As you go through and organize your house leave a comment about the things you found!

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