Tuesday Tip: How to Freeze Carrots

If you Checked out this week's Monday Match-ups Weis has their 16 oz Baby Carrots on sale for 1.00. This is a great price and in the money saving world a time when you would want to stock up. But carrots don't last forever or really more then two weeks in the refrigerator.  So freeze them!
I  have done a little homework on freezing carrots:)
Carrots freeze well, however, they will not thaw with the same crsipness if you like to eat them raw. 
I would freeze them to add to a dish or to cook for a side. If you want to eat them raw you are better off buying fresh.
So how do you freeze them?
There is much debate of this so I froze some!! I tried freezing them raw and blanched. They both thawed the same. Actually the ones that I just froze raw were a little crsip after thawing. 
If you are going to go the route of just freezing raw two suggestions:
1. Place in a freezer storage bag
2. Do not freeze for more then three months
If you are going to Blanch Carrots:
Peel, wash, and cut carrots
Bring a well salted pot of water to a boil
Add Carrots to water boiling for 2-5 mins
Place in a cold water bath 
If you would like the carrots to not bunch up when freezing lay out on a foil lined cooking sheet and freeze
Then transfer to a Freezer stoarge bag.

There you have it Freezing Carrots is simple:)

Is there something you would like to learn how to Freeze? Let me know!


FatWallet- Saving you time, making you money!

Need some cool, hip, new electronic? Have a son wearing "flooder" jeans because he grew a foot overnight? Want to buy an awesome birthday present for your loved one? And you want to do this all while making some money??


Yes, it is entirely possible. No, you do not have to apply anywhere. Go to Fatwallet.com. Here you can shop over hundreds of stores with up to date sales and coupons. The best part is that if you shop one of their Cash Back stores you can earn 1-40% of Fatwallet's commissioning. Still confused? Let me give you an example.

At Fatwallet.com click on "Cash Back Stores" and then "all stores". This will give you an alphabetical listing of all stores that offer cash back. The important thing is to find a cash back symbol with the store to ensure it really is a cash back store.

Kohl's is a cash back store:

- They are currently giving 2% cash back.

- So you can go in and check all of the coupons they have to offer. REMEMBER: Look for the green dollar sign symbolizing cash back WITH coupon usage.

- Click the shop now button and it will take you to the site. This is linked now to Fatwallet only for this session so:

"Cart must be empty at time of link from FatWallet, all items added after the link, and transaction completed online in the same browser session. Having items in cart before linking from FatWallet will cancel cash back for entire order."

(Basically make sure you make your cart is empty until  you link from fatwallet and complete the session all in one sitting so that you can get your cash back. Additionally it can take up to 15 days from Kohl's. Each store is different so check their policy).

- Once you make your purchase check back to the "My Cash Back" tab at the top of the page. This will break down your pending cash back amount, your total available cash back amount, etc. This page will also allow you to request your cash back allotment.

I know this is quite a bit of information to take in. So please let me know if you have questions or if there was something unclear. This is an awesome way to shop and get rewards (like shopping at CVS but you get cash instead to use somewhere else)!

Have a wonderful Thursday! Next week we will hit on some online deals!


Tuesday's Tip: EEBA!

SAY WHAT...EEBA?! No I am not just throwing out some crazy acronym, it stands for Easy Envelope Budget Aid.  My Tip to you this Tuesday is to DOWNLOAD the app! It is available for all smartphones. 
EEBA lets your create envelopes that correspond to your budget. For example, If you set aside 250.00 each month for eating out, you FILL the envelop on which ever day you want to start. then when you purchase a meal or snack you record it and EEBA will deduct that amount from the envelop. 
The best thing about this app is it can be SHARED with ANYONE in the household! This is very handy for couples :)  
I like to test drive everything before I recommend it to you so I can tell you it's faults as well as, sing it's praises. Well, I can only see one fault with the free app you only get 10 Envelopes. So if you are a micro-budgeter like me that is probably not enough. So, I got creative and combined certain categories like Electric and Cable.

So go get EEBA! (I posted a helpful Video below on how to use the app)


Sneak Peek!

There's something BIG coming to the Tri-state area! Something every frugal, money pinching, deal seeking, thrifty, person is gonna want to attend. An event so awesome I can only show you piece's at a time....okay, well to be honest it just more fun this way!!! All kidding aside here is the first sneak peek at the first ever upcoming Get a L.I.F.E! Workshop! Stay tuned for more surprises.


Happy Wednesday!

WOW! I heard on the weather today that we have only had 13 day's of sunshine since December 1! So today instead of posting a long video on how to save or more coupons you should print out I want to give you this:
 "Is as the light of the morning when the sun rises,A morning without clouds,When the tender grass springs out of the earth,Through sunshine after rain.'"  ~2 Samuel 23:4~ If you have time today go outside and enjoy it with your child, have a cup of hot chocolate on the porch. Just enjoy.

Well, be back tomorrow with more ways to live fun, frugal and balanced!


Money Saving Wednesday: How to save at Martins

This Wednesday I wanted to share some tips and tricks for saving money at Martin's Grocery Store:

Ways to Save:

1. Apply and Carry Martin's Store Loyalty Card
***If you don't like carrying them on your key chain download a Key Ring app or carry them in your coupon binder

2.Look for the Saving Machine at the north end location.

  • Scan your card
  • receive coupons good for that day on Produce, deli, floral, ect
3.Look for the Discontinured Item take
  • You can match these items up with a coupons
  • Throughout the store so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!
4.Shop the Reduced Bread and Bakery Shelf by the bathrooms!

  • This bread is always 50% or more discounted
  • Freeze as soon as you get home and it will last for up to a month or so
  • Make croutons!

5. Check for Clearanced Items in the Freezer section
6.Shop Evenings or early mornings to get first dibs on marked down meats in the end cases.

7. Go on line and make an accout at http://www.martinsfoods.com/.
    You will have access to

  • E-coupons
  • Grocery lists
  • current sales flyer
  • history of what you purchased and prices
  • total amount of savings for the year
If you incoorporate all of this into your shopping trips and check back each week for the Monday match-ups you will be looking at saving 50-60% on each grocery trip! I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on...well anything nifty or thrifty!


Tuesday's Tip: Weis Has E-Coupons!

It's the moment when you spot a great deal, your heart starts to pump a little faster, you turn your coupon binder pages with urgency to the section, and then you see it....you need one more coupon to make the deal work! You scour the internet looking where it was, you ask your friends and neighbors. STOP! Well, stop if you are shopping at Weis.

Weis is now offering E-coupons for anyone with a loyalty card :) The process is very simple to enroll and even simpler to use.

Weis E-coupon Sign-up    

 This program is still in it's infancy, so, bare with the cliches, because in the end it will be a great resource to all couponers!

Important to note:
  1. Your coupons should double, unless marked on the coupon.
  2. These are manufacturers coupons and can not be stacked!
  3. You must have a loyalty card and Make in account to access the coupons 
  4. You can only use one e-Coupon for each product.

Let me know what you think of e-coupons and if you have any questions about setting them up.