Tuesday's Tip: EEBA!

SAY WHAT...EEBA?! No I am not just throwing out some crazy acronym, it stands for Easy Envelope Budget Aid.  My Tip to you this Tuesday is to DOWNLOAD the app! It is available for all smartphones. 
EEBA lets your create envelopes that correspond to your budget. For example, If you set aside 250.00 each month for eating out, you FILL the envelop on which ever day you want to start. then when you purchase a meal or snack you record it and EEBA will deduct that amount from the envelop. 
The best thing about this app is it can be SHARED with ANYONE in the household! This is very handy for couples :)  
I like to test drive everything before I recommend it to you so I can tell you it's faults as well as, sing it's praises. Well, I can only see one fault with the free app you only get 10 Envelopes. So if you are a micro-budgeter like me that is probably not enough. So, I got creative and combined certain categories like Electric and Cable.

So go get EEBA! (I posted a helpful Video below on how to use the app)

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