What to buy in June?

Believe it or not each month designated items go on sale every year! Why is this important? So you can keep an eye open for the lowest price of the season and maybe even pair up a coupon with the items!

So what should you plan on buying in June for the lowest price point?

Diary Items (it is national Ice Cream Month)
July 4 Items ex. condiments, paper products, plasticware
Pain revilers
Laundry Detergents
Insect repellents
Self tanners
On the clearance racks:
Memorial Day items (reuse for July 4th)
Small Electronics
Spring Clothing Unexpected item: Great Deals on Cruises!

June also marks the start of some Semi-Annual Sales


Saving money means so many things...

With Get a L.I.F.E over I took the past week or so to recoup, reevaluate, and re-aquatint myself with my family! The Workshop was amazing! I feel that my objective was accomplished and that was to help others save money. My overall goal for The Nifty Thrifty Lady is to learn to live a fun, frugal, and balanced life.

As I set here getting ready for the busy week ahead I realized that saving money means so many things. It means planning, sacrificing, getting creative, feeling a rush, getting out of debt, staying home with your kids, it's an all encompassing idea! I look for ways to saving money in everything that I do and when I do it means that I get to relax with my kids at home (if you really relax being at home;)

This summer will be the first I will be home with my oldest son! I am so excited for this time and to build an even strong relationship with him. I know that these are times I will never get back and I hope they as a parent I will impart wisdom in the short time I have. With that being said I have revamped the Summer Schedule for The Nifty Thrifty Lady so that I can bring a new dynamic to the site (incorporating money savings with kids) and take my little guys along for the adventures!

It will be a fun summer to follow along!

Monday- Monday Match-ups
Tuesday- The Secret Thrifty Shopper
Wednesday- Money Saving tip
Thursday - What are YOU doing this Weekend?
Friday- Fun Day Friday

I will be posing details about the new themes and asking for your input on where we go! I would love to make this as interactive as possible so comment, post, tweet, email, whatever is easiest!

I will be back soon with some behind the scene prep for those with kiddo's getting out of school in T - 7 Days!!! Have a great day!


Where in the world is...The Nifty Thrifty lady + a quick tip

HI!! Wow if you have just started reading I am sorry for not posting...if you are a loyal follower THANK You for still following as I plan and prep for the upcoming money savings workshop Get a L.I.F.E! It has been a stressful but rewarding experience so far and with only 8 days left to go I am getting EXCITED!!! I wanted to leave you this week with a helpful tip I learn't Monday as I was teaching a coupon class! Did you know the twisty ties on the bread are not just useful to organize power cords?! They actually mean something!
Source: Wisebread.com   

Print this little cheat sheet out and put it in your Coupon binder!

Each color coordinates to what day your bread was baked! So when you go to the store you want to try and find the color that is closet to the day you are shopping.

AMAZING! Thanks to Diane for this helpful tip!

Have a Nifty or Thrifty Weekend


Tuesday's Tip: Planning for free or cheap summer fun

There is less then one month of school left!! Yay for the kids and moms...well it's go time! Start planning and researching for free or cheap things to do during the summer months.

This will be my first summer home so I am hitting the internet hard to find fun ideas for days home and also great free or really cheap events! I am going to make a fun decorated calender for my oldest and present it to him the week before school is out so he can get excited about all of the thing we will be doing over the summer! Some of the things include chores and work in the garden with may not be fun, but it is a rewarding experience for him.

One of the things I have planned for me and my oldest is to attend Leitersburg Cinemas! They will be having select $1.00 movies throughout the summer! And of course I have the list for you so you can plan ahead too!