Saving money means so many things...

With Get a L.I.F.E over I took the past week or so to recoup, reevaluate, and re-aquatint myself with my family! The Workshop was amazing! I feel that my objective was accomplished and that was to help others save money. My overall goal for The Nifty Thrifty Lady is to learn to live a fun, frugal, and balanced life.

As I set here getting ready for the busy week ahead I realized that saving money means so many things. It means planning, sacrificing, getting creative, feeling a rush, getting out of debt, staying home with your kids, it's an all encompassing idea! I look for ways to saving money in everything that I do and when I do it means that I get to relax with my kids at home (if you really relax being at home;)

This summer will be the first I will be home with my oldest son! I am so excited for this time and to build an even strong relationship with him. I know that these are times I will never get back and I hope they as a parent I will impart wisdom in the short time I have. With that being said I have revamped the Summer Schedule for The Nifty Thrifty Lady so that I can bring a new dynamic to the site (incorporating money savings with kids) and take my little guys along for the adventures!

It will be a fun summer to follow along!

Monday- Monday Match-ups
Tuesday- The Secret Thrifty Shopper
Wednesday- Money Saving tip
Thursday - What are YOU doing this Weekend?
Friday- Fun Day Friday

I will be posing details about the new themes and asking for your input on where we go! I would love to make this as interactive as possible so comment, post, tweet, email, whatever is easiest!

I will be back soon with some behind the scene prep for those with kiddo's getting out of school in T - 7 Days!!! Have a great day!

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