Where in the world is...The Nifty Thrifty lady + a quick tip

HI!! Wow if you have just started reading I am sorry for not posting...if you are a loyal follower THANK You for still following as I plan and prep for the upcoming money savings workshop Get a L.I.F.E! It has been a stressful but rewarding experience so far and with only 8 days left to go I am getting EXCITED!!! I wanted to leave you this week with a helpful tip I learn't Monday as I was teaching a coupon class! Did you know the twisty ties on the bread are not just useful to organize power cords?! They actually mean something!
Source: Wisebread.com   

Print this little cheat sheet out and put it in your Coupon binder!

Each color coordinates to what day your bread was baked! So when you go to the store you want to try and find the color that is closet to the day you are shopping.

AMAZING! Thanks to Diane for this helpful tip!

Have a Nifty or Thrifty Weekend

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