Be sure to "Shop your Home" first

Hi everyone! Phew what a week, it's already Thursday night! Come back week has gone fast, but it's not over yet.

One of the things I do A LOT of in my house is organize and re-organize. Sometimes that can get expensive when you are constantly going out to the store (even the dollars stores) and grabbing one or two items for organizing purposes. So, I came up with a little creative solution called "Shopping your Home" (this may not be a new term). Basically, when cleaning and going through things keep the times for a week or two or if they are small enough store them. Then as you go through other area's of your house and need an item "Shop" those leftover items to see if you can make one of them work. This process has saved me many of dollars over the years and it can be fun getting a little creative. Warning: DON'T BECOME A HOARDER:)

Check out an example here:

I hope you enjoyed the little peek into my home and the idea!

I would love to hear if you find video posts helpful or not. Leave a comment or shoot me an email:)

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