The Inside Scoop on Kid’s Closet Connection!

All “Thrifty Ladies” are familiar with the idea of shopping consignment shops and yard sales for children’s clothes. The concept is one that has worked for many years, but the process of shopping multiple stores and yards sales is evolving into a much simpler process!  This process is the topic of today’s post and I cannot wait to share the inside scoop with all of my readers.

I had the extreme pleasure of connecting (for lack of a better term) with the co-owners of Hagerstown’s Kid’s Closet Connection, Christine and Tiffany K.  If you do not know what Kid’s Closet Connection is, let me explain. 

Kid’s Closet Connection is a HUGE kid’s consignment sale held in the area twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. When shopping you can expect to “Save 60-90% off the retail price for quality, gently used children’s clothing brands like Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, and Justice.  Our sale features hundreds of quality toys and furniture.  With hundreds of families participating, you will find everything you need for your babies, children & teens!” I have personally shopped at Kid’s Closet and let me tell you: I am IN LOVE! 

I have posted about Kid’s Closet in the past but I am excited to bring you some insider knowledge straight from the co-owners themselves! I asked the lovely ladies a few questions that I felt would help all The Nifty Thrifty readers take full advantage of the sale! So please enjoy and remember to shop Kid’s Closet Connection on September 20-22, 2013! 

I was DYING to know when Kid’s Closet Connection first started in Hagerstown and why Christine and Tiffany decided to jump on board!
“We began Kid’s Closet Connection of Washington County, MD in the Spring of 2011. Collectively we both had the opportunity to shop another local Kid’s Closet Connection sale. After leaving with bags full of clothing for our children, we instantly fell in love with the concept. Kid’s Closet Connection (KCC) offers the community with a unique opportunity to connect savvy families looking to recycle their kids’ outgrown items while making great money!”

My second question was a little biased! I am consigning this year and wanted some helpful tips on the best practices for doing so. Then I thought I am sure all the readers could consign SOMETHING and MAKE SOME EXTRA MONEY! Here is what Christine and Tiffany suggested:
 “Kids’ Closet Connection offers families a convenient way to sell outgrown kids items without having a garage sale. Consignors register and price their own items using a sophisticated tagging and inventory management system. 
 Our consignors know that presentation is everything – Making your items look their best with hanger appeal! Many of our consignors prepare year round by gathering supplies( hangers, pins, cardstock etc.), cleaning out their kids’ closets in advance of the sale, and price their based on quality, brand, and item- often asking themselves “What would you pay for the item?”
 Consignors simply drop off their tagged items before the sale and we do the rest, from organization, advertising, and recruiting; while leaving the seller nothing to worry about!”

As I said in the opening the process of shopping multiple sales and shops is evolving and here is why you can make one stop twice a year for all your kid’s needs!
“Our Kid's Closet Connection sale is like a super-large, organized sale chock-full of gently-used kids' clothing, furniture, maternity and toys just waiting to be bought! Our sale brings together over 250 families in one location, over one weekend. Shoppers can raid our closet and save up to 90% off retail!”

I had to ask for all the reader’s that will be shopping Kid’s Closet Connection this year (me included!) what a shoppers “game plan” or strategy should be to get the best selection and deal’s. Here is what they suggest:
“The thrill of finding name brand clothing and toys at rock bottom makes shopping at KCC so much fun! Knowing how to prepare for this shopping experience involves learning a few tips to make it more exciting!

  • Make a List! Go through your kids’ closets and make a list of the items they need
  • Bring your kids measurements!
  • Shop early and often! To get the best selection and the most affordable prices-with New inventory each day.
  • Shop larger play items & equipment first-We have amazing deals on outdoor play equipment, baby gear, play kitchens, basketball hoops, bikes, etc.
  • Come back for the last day as most items are 50% off. You can pick up additional items you may have been unsure about and save even more!

With a sale this big and expanding each year plus two brilliant entrepreneurs behind the scenes I had to know what was next for Kid’s Closet Connection. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed!
“We will continue to bring this event to the families in Washington County, MD as we recognize the importance and excitement it brings! Additionally, we plan to bring this event to other Maryland communities and possibly beyond. We are excited and pleased to announce the opening of Kid’s Closet Connection in Montgomery County, MD this fall!”

Shopping Kid's Closest Connection:
When: September 2-22, 2012
Where:  Best Western Grand Venice Hotel 431 Dual Highway Hagerstown, MD 21740
Best time to avoid larger crowds: Afternoon's each sale day and Sunday Morning (remember Sunday is 50% off marked items!)
More details to Shop, Consign, or Volunteer:  http://www.kidscloset.biz/ 

Well Folks there you have it. The inside Scoop on Kid’s Closet Connection! I can’t wait to hear what everyone is able to find this year.

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Good to Know: How to Determine Percentage of Savings

It is seems to be very common to hear a person say "today I save 55% on my total bill". This is usually followed by a big smile or a very confused looked. If you are the portion that gives the confused look this post if for you.

When shopping on a budget it is important to understand how to determine the percentage of savings on each of your shopping bills. Here's why:

  1. Each saver should set a goal they would like to save. For example a person just starting out with coupons or shopping sales should aim to save 40-50% off their total purchase. This will increase with experience.
  2. Knowing the overall percentage of savings boosts a savers confidence. If you look at a receipt and see that you spent $60.00 and saved $35.00 that may not look like a Win. However, if you calculate the percentage you will see that that is over 50% savings and a great job!
  3. Many times you have to pay full price for high necssesity items, like bread, milk, eggs, and even in-season clothing. The goal is to balance this and use coupons combined with sales to lower the cost and increase savings. When doing this your percentage of savings will be higher and the full price milk and eggs will not seem so expensive.
How do you determine percentage of savings? It is a simple math equation really.

Here's an example:

Total paid at CVS =4.86
Total Saved (amount on the bottom of receipt) =33.60
Total Value= (4.86+33.60) 38.46
Percentage of savings + 33.60/38.46 = .87X 100+ 87%

I hope this little tip has helped and that everyone is setting a percentage goal to save at the store!


My #1 Money Savings Tip

Number one Money Savings tip

If you follow me on Facebook you knew this post was coming. (You should follow me on Facebook, if you haven’t it’s an awesome way to stay in the “loop” and get sneak peeks!) A couple of weeks ago my page status said “one of my biggest money saving tips is PATIENCE” .

Patience is defined as -the capacity to endure what is difficult or disagreeable without complaining (Webster). 
The Bible names Patience as a Fruit of the Spirit. Additionally, Galatians 6:9 says:
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (NIV).  (NOTE: I am a Christian and I hope that my reference to the Bible does not upset anyone in anyway. I do believe God is the only reason I have the gift of Patience).


Family Friendly Meal: Summer Lemon Pasta

I love summer just as much as I like fall food, I think the idea is I LOVE FOOD! My family loves "Certain Foods", if you follow along you know my guys are P-I-C-K-Y eaters. Well two out of the three are, the newest guy seems to have his ma'am's tastebuds YAY!

Anyway, one of my favorite quick and cheap summer meals is Lemon Pasta. Why do I love it?

1. It costs about  under $5.00 to feed the family (even if you don't have some ingredients on hand!)
2. It is versatile, I can just add butter to the noodles for my little guys and Viola! dinners done
3. It is a light dinner for summer
4. DUH it's tastes good:) So if you like lemon and pasta you have to try:

Cost Break Down:
Pasta (with coupon) .50
Garlic .50
Lemon 1.32
Butter -Staple but if not on hand usually around 1.00-1.50
Red pepper flakes spice staple 
Grand Total: 3.82!! I hope you have enjoyed this recipe and let me know how you like it! Plus be sure to check out The Nifty Thrifty Ladies other family meals here!