21 Day Better Habit Challenge

Hi everyone! I am going to mix it up a bit with this  post and challenge all the Nifty Thrifty Readers to break one bad habit and replace it with one good habit during the 21 Day Better Habit Challenge.

Sounds fun, right?

Research shows that it takes 21 days, or 3 weeks, to form or break a habit. That's not even a month, this is very doable!

You might be wondering if the habits  have to be related to money savings and the answer is No. You can choose to break any bad habit you have and replace it with a good habit!

 I will be giving daily updates on Facebook album 21 Day Challenge and Twitter #NTL21daychallenge and weekly updates on The Weekly Wrap as to my progress with the 21 Day Better Habit Challenge.

 I believe setting goals and sticking with them is a foundation for being able to accomplish financial goals.

A few tips:
I want everyone to feel empowered and accomplish kicking a bad habit and gaining a new one.

1. Make the habit simple and realistic. I.E. the first time I did this my new habit was to make my bed every single day (PS IT WORKED!!) My habit to kick was procrastinating; when it came to school work...This was a challenge but I have a new routine that works
2. Hold yourself accountable. By any means necessary! If the only way you are going to be held accountable is by posting daily updates on Facebook, then do it! Instagram is a good way too. You can also have measurable mini-goals or create a tally chart for 21 days. The ideas are endless, but you have to be accountable to someone!
3. Do not get discouraged. To err is human. Plain and simple. But if you fall off the bandwagon, pick yourself up and hop back on. I not only fell ill during my first 21 day challenge, but I missed making the bed a handful of times. I didn't let that stop me. Now, my first reaction when getting out of bed is pull the blankets up and make the bed look neat-- sometimes even if my hubby is still in it ;).
4. Celebrate! When you're done with the 21 Day Better Habit Challenge don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back!

There is a lot of psychology behind breaking habits and starting news ones.

How it works:
  • Choose one new habit to gain and one bad habit to kick (I would love to hear them so leave a comment below or on Fb/Twitter)
  • Plan out how you will go about stopping the old habit and starting the new habit 
  • Set measurable goals and periodic check-in dates
  • Choose how you will hold yourself accountable
  • Put your plan in action and start the 21 Day Better Habit Challenge!! 

Here is what I will be working towards and how I plan to follow the steps:
My new habit will be: Exercising daily for 15 mins
My old habit will be : Not hitting the Snooze button in the morning
My plan:For my new habit I will be blocking out 15 mins a day before bed to exercise. I will be using an app on my phone called sworkit which lets you choose the type of exercise and length of time! To kick my old habit of hitting the snooze button (did I really have to choose this one?!) I will be placing my phone on my dresser which is across the room. (I hope that works!)
My Measurable goals: I keep track of my progress daily on my phone with an easy check when I accomplish each task.
Accountability: YOU, the readers, will be holding me accountable. I will also be telling my family so they can help me stay on track. I hope everyone is willing to take this challenge with me! It is never good to stay stagnant in your same routines and habits!

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