What is on sale during September?

Here is a quick run down of things to keep your eyes open for this month! All of the items could potently be at their lowest price point when combined with a coupon YAY!!
Back to school supplies: most stores will be clearanceing back to school items this month so grab them to refill during the year or better year for next year to lighten the cost of back to school!

Diabetic Supplies: This is Diabetic awareness month so many great deals on strips and meters

Baby Products: Typically this month holds many baby sales and many baby item coupons

Produce in season this month:  apples, artichokes, beans, berries, cucumbers, eggplant, grapes, onions, peaches, pears, potatoes. It is the end of gardening season so stock up and freeze!

Clearance finds: Summer seasonal items

 What other deals are you able to routinely find in September?

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