How to Save on the Holidays Part 2 - Decorations

The Holidays just wouldn't be the same without neighborly competition on which house shines the brightest, or would it? Part 2 of How to Save on the Holidays is a little reality check! Decorations that are simple and sophisticated are just as beautiful but, most of all, save you money. Check out my video on 4 ways to save on Holiday decorations.
1. DIY-  Christmas may not be the time to DIY,  here's why:
  • Christmas decorations are readily available at every store in America beginning in July until January. There is a pretty high chance that you will find the same decoration you were looking to do yourself cheaper then the cost of materials to make it. Throw in a store coupon on top of course! *This does not apply to Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations! You can still find good deals on store made decorations but I would calculate the cost of DIY first as it will probably be cheaper. 
  • Christmas time is BUSY and STRESSFUL! The last thing you need is to spend your free hours making DIY decorations.
2. Use coupons- Not just any coupon... Plan to use the "percentage off your total order" coupons for craft stores. The trick is that they are usually only good for one day and usually on Sundays so plan ahead!
*** unlike "percentage off one item" coupons, "percentage off your total order" coupons are not interchangeable from craft store to craft store. BUMMER!

3. Shop throughout the year at yard sales and thrift shops. I am guilty of never thinking about Christmas during the summer but you can really get a lot of great steals on pre-made decor and material you might use for DIY projects.

4. Store the items properly-
When storing decorations make sure you carefully place the items in a storage container so when decorating the next year all of the contents are in perfect condition. Also keep in mind the temperature of the room, plastic melts!!! Really ;)

I added an extra reminder!
5.Keep it simple- Remember simple is beautiful. When decorating you have to add in other costs besides the actual decor, like the storage bins, electric costs, hanging accessories, and the hot chocolate after your come in from hanging the lights! 
  • Pick a theme and go with it. This will help you focus your spending
  • Make your tree the center piece and add embellishments around that
  • Use items that are good for both Halloween and Thanksgiving like leaves, earth color schemes, and then add holiday specific items like turkeys and ghosts.
I hope this year as the holidays near your feelings for over the top decorating and "friendly" competition turn into a new fad of decorating simple and balanced!

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