A Quick Holiday Savings Tip: Keep Packaging Materials

Just popping in quick to share a money savings tip that will help you throughout the year.
Christmas is the time of year that I order things online. I really don't like to pay shipping so I opt to venture to the brick and mortar.  I do order online during the holidays because many stores offer free shipping during this time.
One of the things I do when I get the packages is store the reusable packaging materials!
This is a big money saver throughout the year when I have to ship items for giveaways or presents to relatives.
I suppose this might be a little Extreme cheapskate-ish, but it works and if nothing else on snow days like today we have lots of bubble wrap for the kids to pop;)
Stay warm and safe today!

Do you have any quirky money savings habits? Share them with us!! Your in good company.

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  1. This is an awesome tip!! I always regret throwing stuff away a couple weeks later when I need it. I'm glad to have found you through SITS :) ~Jenna