2013 in Review...The good, the bad, and the not-so-good

2013, oh 2013....how I am glad to see you go. Hi everyone! If you have been wondering where I have been, I was on a blogging break from December 16 until now. It was a much anticipated and needed break for me. I blog as a hobby but have been making strides to make The Nifty Thrifty Lady a more professional blog. With this comes a lot of behind the scenes work and a lot of time that I was not giving to my family. So, I was very excited to take a nice long Christmas break and enjoy the time we had together!

Today everyone is back at their respective places. I am home at the moment planning out the week, my husband is off to work, my oldest son is back to school, and our youngest is still asleep trying to recoup from staying up until midnight on NYE (P.S. he did that all by himself!)

I am happy to be back behind the computer and am ready for a very exciting 2014 here at TNTL (this is the new way to say THE NIFTY THRIFTY LADY).

I first wanted to recap from 2013 as I a firm believer in reevaluating yourself from time to time and the new year is always a good opportunity for that.

So here is a look at the good, the bad, and not so good parts of 2013!

The Good-
The Bad-
  • Our youngest son visited the hospital twice in 2013. Once with RSV and once with Croup. This does not pertain to TNTL but it surely effected it because I was unable to post for a good while.
  • 2013 was also a very bad year for my car. Being frugal means that our family uses cars until they are on their last leg or until the repair bill is larger than its worth. Well this year my 2005 Jetta decided to be very un-frugal and need a new thermostat, alternator, and catalytic convertor. Yeah. so our emergency funds have been depleted and 2014 is going to be a year to focus on saving to replace that. 
The Not-So-Good -
With a blog you never know what is going to work and what won't and what is going to be too time consuming!

  • The first NTL challenge did not go over so well :( It is okay. I will not give up on these just yet so look for more in 2014.
  • Monday Match-ups well folks I was not on the ball with this in 2013. To write match-ups it takes a very long time. So I have deceided to write match ups for WEIS and MARTIN'S only. They are the only stores that are not done by a larger COUPONing site. I hope you are all okay with this decision. If you need help finding a site for Target, CVS, or other store match-ups contact me!
Well folks that is 2013 in a very brief review! Tomorrow I will be sharing a peek at 2014 and all it has to offer us!

Please stay tuned and join me in making 2014 a fun, frugal, and balanced year!

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