2014 Yearly Goals

Happy 2014! This year my over all motto is to "spend less and save more". Sounds good huh? I wanted to share with you my personals and blog goals this year. I think this is a fun idea because
  1. you get to know me a little better. I'll admit it is odd publicly announcing that we have debit and I struggle with small amounts of depression to all the readers, however, in the long run it just shows that I am human and I hope to inspire others that think they may not be able to overcome their situation.
  2. You all make me accountable! I stated this little blog so I could meet the need of area match-ups, share my frugal knowledge, AND so I could be accountable to more then just myself (that is never any fun)
  3. It is important for everyone to know where I would like to go with TNTL (The new way to say The Nifty Thirty Lady) in 2014 and if you have any thoughts you can share them!
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2014 Goals

  •    Exercise 30 mins 4 day/week
  •    Eat more healthy-weight watchers
  •   Spend time outside
  •    Attend 2 play dates/month
  •    Attend Church regularly
  •    Think more positive
  •     Manage depression
  •     Establish morning and evening routines

  •         Pre-plan each class
  •         Meet Bi-weekly goals

  •   Create a schedule for post and social media
  •    Launch NTL.com
  •    Post creative and improved content
  •     Create no new debt
  •     Yearly savings plan
  •     Payoff all debt and maintain
  •    Have one and one time with Chris 
  •    Be more present during day with Colton
  •  Maintain friendship
  •  Work on marriage

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