Do you have the Right Attitude to Spend Wisely?

I have been working a lot with budgets lately, my own and my budgeting class for Get a L.I.F.E. I have decided that yes it can be complicated to make a working budget and it can be overwhelming but really it is all about your attitude!  I am sure you guessed it, you can't have a bad one in order to improve upon your situation.

So I bring to you today the right attitude to have when you are looking to overcome a financial crisis and spend wisely.

Tip to start spending money wisely

Be Committed- If you are going to do it, do it right. You can not test the water by being half in. If you go this route you will never be fully committed.

Make Sacrifices- Give up something good now, to get something better later.  This concept can very hard to wrap your head around at the beginning because we as a society are used instant gratification. Making sacrifices will help to change your mindset.

Know the difference between a WANT and a NEED - Needs are items for basic survival: food, water, shelter, and security (clothing and transportation) everything else, in reality, is a want. Be happy with what you have!

Practice Patience-
Do not give up because you do not see immediate results! Use patience when it comes to making big changes. My   #1 Money savings tip  explains how practicing patience is the right attitude to spending wisely. 

I remember my parents always saying "now don't get an attitude" when something wasn't going my way. However, when it some to spending money wisely you HAVE to get an ATTITUDE and it has to be a GOOD one!

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