How to Troubleshoot Issues when Printing Coupons

Happy Friday! I had a great question last night and one that I get periodically

Why won't my coupons print?

It is the dreaded questions when it comes to grocery planning! 

First a Disclaimer: I am in NO way an IT professional, actually I debated back and forth about even trying to post this tutorial because if is probably going to sound horrible! None the less, I want to share with everyone what I have found helps when a printable coupon won't print.

What to do when coupon's will not print

  • Make sure that you have properly installed the coupon downloader
This can be done in Firefox by verifying that the Plug-in is installed or on other browsers by checking your installed programs in the Control Panel. If you find that the install is there go to the next step

If the install is not there simply go back to the site and install the program.

  • If the coupon downloader is installed and you are not able to print you may need to ALLOW the program to run in your browser. Your antivirus or pop-up blocker may not be allowing it to run properly. You can do this by clicking on the little Lego Block (I know I am not using the right word!) and Allowing the program to run.
  • If this still does not fix your issue try clearing the Cache and Cookies from your computer. Each browser is done a little differently so I created a quick tutorial on the main browsers for you:
In Chrome you will need to choose History, Clear Browsing Date and then Choose the options you would like to Clear (picture 2)

 To Clear your Cache and Cookies in Firefox you will need to choose options, advanced, then clear cache, and OK.

 To clear the Cache and Cookies for IE you will need to choose Options, Browsing History under the general tab and delete history and make sure to APPLY!

  • If you are still having issues after this I would recommend uninstalling the entire program and reinstalling. IF this still does not work make sure your browser does not need updated and contact the company you are trying to print from.

Well there it is a very basic and hopefully understandable tutorial on how to fix coupon printing issues!

Best of luck to you if you are experiencing difficulties, I know if is frustrating!

Happy printing!

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