Introducing Ur Sweet Repeats: Kid's and Maternity Consignmet Sale

In my youngest son's closet right now I have 2 tubes and a trash bag FULL of 0-12 month clothes, I also have outgrown baby gear and a few baby toys that are no longer age appropriate. You know why I am keeping them....Yay, I don't either!! 

Here is where I am torn
make $ or keep tons of clothes with memories
This is my last child so some of the outfits have seen both of my boys and my nephew! *Tears and sobs*

It is time to get rid of them folks and I am very happy to introduce you to local Kid's and Maternity Consignment Sale Ur Sweet Repeats, LLC. They are going to help you get the old clothes out and make top dollar doing so!
I meet owner Lauren A. at a local networking group and we have been talking ever since about business and frugal living. It just made sense to tell all my fabulous frugal friends about her too! 
April 10-12th @ the Amvets Pavilion,
 750 5th Ave. Chambersburg, Pa 17201
  Hours: Thur & Fri 7a - 7p, Sat 7a-3p (50%off sale)
I "interviewed" Lauren about Ur Sweet Repeats and asked for some insider tips on buying and consigning here is what she had to say:

 Ur Sweet Repeats is a great name for a consignment sale how did you come up with it?
   My Husband and I brainstormed ideas (with the help of some friends) and loved the idea of passing on "repeats" in "sweet" (great) condition. All items were once cherished by our "sweet" little ones and now will be passed on to others!
 What are your best tips for consigners?
   Price items to sell! Think what you would be willing to pay second hand for that item! If you choose to donate your item, be sure to DISCOUNT it! It is better to receive something for your items if you are going to donate them.
Can you suggest a "STRATEGY" for shopping at the sale?
  To find the best deals on the biggest selection of items, score an early shopping pass! You can get into the pre-sale before the sale opens to the public! (How to do this - CONSIGN, Volunteer for 4 hours and receive a pass, Register as a new parent, or provide Military or Law Enforcement ID)
Others in the area may know this sale as Annies, Why did you take the opportunity to buy the business?
  For many years my family and I have enjoyed volunteering, consigning, and shopping at Annie's. We look forward to continuing to provide the excellent opportunities and experiences Annie's has offered us and other families. Our family wanted to continue on the tradition and provide families with a way to sell and shop for gently used children's and maternity items.
What are some hot items that everyone is looking for at this spring sale?
  Baby equipment is a hot seller, along with toys, outdoor toys, holiday outfits, clothing and more!
 What sets us apart from the rest!
      *** We offer 65-100% of sales! Highest consignor payout in the area!
     Locally owned and operated! - High customer service and consignor service! - may email us to rent tagging guns, or if you are in need of hangers!
      *** Volunteer earn 5% additional consignor percentage for every 4 hours you volunteer - up to 100% of sales
 ***Referral Program If you refer a NEW consignor you earn 5% more of sales for each referral, up to 100%. They must enter your name at time of registration 
Interested in more? Connect with Ur Sweet Repeats!
  Phone: 7174043776

 ~New Parents may visit our website for pass information! 
 ~We are Military and Law Enforcement Friendly - Simply show your id and you are welcome to shop early at the Exclusive Pre-Sales

This sounds like a great sale to try! I am going to clean out my son's closet and do it! How about you? 
*I was in no way compensated to write or post this article
Until next time
Have a fun, frugal, and balanced day!


It is time for a change

I know we all love them..right?!

I have been really trying to find my middle ground with "The Nifty Thrifty Lady". I can not and never wanted to be a coupon and deal site. I L.O.V.E. coupons and think everyone should use them. However, the time that goes into match-ups and deal searching is not time that I have. I have expressed my feelings on this here . I guess I feel a little guilty for the lovely friends that use this for that sole purpose. I haven't wanted to make this change because of them. But I have bigger plans and feel that my talents are beyond scouring the internet to bring you the lastest deal. There are tons of great sites that do this already.

So the time has come to transition to The NEW Nifty Thrifty Lady -the fun approach to frugal! I am so excited about this change. I have been planning my little heart out to make this change something that you will enjoy and learn from. It may not be any easy change for you as the reader because I will not be posting many coupons and freebies. BUT if there is a great one I will be sure to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope that everyone understands this and supports the transition. If you have heard my coupons classes, been to Get a L.I.F.E., or seen me speak you know that my passion is saving money in ALL areas of life so you can life fun, frugal, and balanced!

Without further adieu the NEW The Nifty Thrifty Lady!

Spend Less, Save more is my "Motto" for this year and think that it can help everyone out!

The fun approach to frugal is really going to be simple. We are going to take one area of life and work out ways to save money, build new habits, and make friends in doing so!

There will be a new topic each month and on Tuesday's and Thursday's there will be in depth how-to's, tips, and even some free printables coming your way.

I still want to post match-ups for Weis and Martin's There is no one that does this for our specific stores. Plus if helps me too! You will find these on Monday.

Wednesday is gonna be an AWESOME day here! Weigh in Wed. is where we will be having some open discussions about the current topic of the month. I am even going to be holding some google hangouts!! And if anyone uses twitter maybe a party (WHAT?!)

Friday's I will be sharing The weekly 5. 5 Ways I saved that week, it may not line up with the topic of the month but its okay. Our co-contributor will be sharing the top retail coupons as well!

Finally on Saturday I will post the coupon preview and do a coupon round up for all my lovely couponing friends!

Phew! Are you excited as me about this? What are your thoughts on the new plan? PLEASE share them! I really want to hear your thought on this! If you don't want to comment email me:)

Have a fun, frugal, and balanced day!


Do you have the Right Attitude to Spend Wisely?

I have been working a lot with budgets lately, my own and my budgeting class for Get a L.I.F.E. I have decided that yes it can be complicated to make a working budget and it can be overwhelming but really it is all about your attitude!  I am sure you guessed it, you can't have a bad one in order to improve upon your situation.

So I bring to you today the right attitude to have when you are looking to overcome a financial crisis and spend wisely.

Tip to start spending money wisely

Be Committed- If you are going to do it, do it right. You can not test the water by being half in. If you go this route you will never be fully committed.

Make Sacrifices- Give up something good now, to get something better later.  This concept can very hard to wrap your head around at the beginning because we as a society are used instant gratification. Making sacrifices will help to change your mindset.

Know the difference between a WANT and a NEED - Needs are items for basic survival: food, water, shelter, and security (clothing and transportation) everything else, in reality, is a want. Be happy with what you have!

Practice Patience-
Do not give up because you do not see immediate results! Use patience when it comes to making big changes. My   #1 Money savings tip  explains how practicing patience is the right attitude to spending wisely. 

I remember my parents always saying "now don't get an attitude" when something wasn't going my way. However, when it some to spending money wisely you HAVE to get an ATTITUDE and it has to be a GOOD one!


A Simple Way to Track Gift Card Balances

How to Track gift card balanes
Gift Cards are a thrifty girls DREAM- free money to spend! I treat gift cards like my normal money and try to get the most bang for my dollar by shopping sales, clearance and combining coupons. This stretches the gift cards as far as they will go and keeps extra money in your pocket.

Now I had a bunch of gifts last year from Christmas, Target promotions,plus I won a giveaway. I had to come up with a simple technique to keep track of the balances other than calling the 1-800 number that takes forever!

Here is what I came up with. It is super easy to do and let's me visibly see the balance at all times.


Please! Call me Frugal

or Tightwad, pinny-pincher, stingy, thrifty, conserver, saver, money warden. These names are synonymous of a lifestyle that has been given a bad reputation and I am here today to say frugality is not bad, you should not be frugal in secret and you will  not live a deprived life if you are frugal!

Frugality is not bad:
Saving money does not have to look like the latest episode of TLC's Cheapskates, you do not have to reuse toilet paper, hoard ketchup, or stop spending money for that matter! To be frugal you just have to spend money wiser. Learn how to take advantage of sale cycles, buy a season ahead, look for opportunities to save on everyday costs and get nifty when it comes to earning income.

Some examples: for Christmas we had some unexpected car repairs that ate into our Christmas Savings, so instead of going into debt to pay for presents we went through our old movies, video games, and textbooks to trade in at Amazon.com. We made $210.00. I then hit the sales papers and black Friday sales intensely to buy for 15 people and only use that money. (If you are interested you can see my black Friday trip here)

Don't be a Closet Frugalistia:
Yea I have been there and done that. I didn't tell anyone for a LONG time that I couponed and in the grocery stores I would hide my coupons just so I didn't get looks and questions. It was kinda awful looking back on it because I saved so much money and was able to help out friends and charities but no one knew that it was because I couponed. Then I started a hardcore budget and this meant that we didn't always go out every weekend (we would opt for a family fun night) and we traded lots of small immaterial things to save and purchase more reliable things. All of this was done in somewhat secret so we didn't have explain to everyone that we were trying to spend wiser and ultimately become a single income family for a while. 
Once I told everyone that I couponed and was a crazy saver they got it and loved it! So get excited when you save, tell everyone and don't hide it!!

Frugal Does NOT Equal Deprived:
This seems to be a HUGE misconception when someone says they live a frugal lifestyle! Furgality does not deprive your just like eating healthy does not deprive you. It is all about choices. Do you eat the 1 cookie that is 500 calories or the 1 apple with P.B. and sugar free jello? Translated in money terms do you spend each weekend eating out, shopping, and seeing movies or do you choose to do this once a month, take a family vacation twice a year, and save the rest for retirement? It is all about a balance when you live frugally. Making sure that your choose is the best reward for your hard earned dollar! I hope you will join me in 2014 to learn how to live a frugal lifestyle and if you see me out and about I might just answer to "Hey, Frugal!"

Want to learn how to start sign up to attend Get a L.I.F.E {lesson in frugal economics}


How to Troubleshoot Issues when Printing Coupons

Happy Friday! I had a great question last night and one that I get periodically

Why won't my coupons print?

It is the dreaded questions when it comes to grocery planning! 

First a Disclaimer: I am in NO way an IT professional, actually I debated back and forth about even trying to post this tutorial because if is probably going to sound horrible! None the less, I want to share with everyone what I have found helps when a printable coupon won't print.

What to do when coupon's will not print

  • Make sure that you have properly installed the coupon downloader
This can be done in Firefox by verifying that the Plug-in is installed or on other browsers by checking your installed programs in the Control Panel. If you find that the install is there go to the next step

If the install is not there simply go back to the site and install the program.

  • If the coupon downloader is installed and you are not able to print you may need to ALLOW the program to run in your browser. Your antivirus or pop-up blocker may not be allowing it to run properly. You can do this by clicking on the little Lego Block (I know I am not using the right word!) and Allowing the program to run.
  • If this still does not fix your issue try clearing the Cache and Cookies from your computer. Each browser is done a little differently so I created a quick tutorial on the main browsers for you:
In Chrome you will need to choose History, Clear Browsing Date and then Choose the options you would like to Clear (picture 2)

 To Clear your Cache and Cookies in Firefox you will need to choose options, advanced, then clear cache, and OK.

 To clear the Cache and Cookies for IE you will need to choose Options, Browsing History under the general tab and delete history and make sure to APPLY!

  • If you are still having issues after this I would recommend uninstalling the entire program and reinstalling. IF this still does not work make sure your browser does not need updated and contact the company you are trying to print from.

Well there it is a very basic and hopefully understandable tutorial on how to fix coupon printing issues!

Best of luck to you if you are experiencing difficulties, I know if is frustrating!

Happy printing!


Got a Snuggie? See a Free Movie!

Yes that's right all you have to do on January 9, 2014 is wear a flattering snuggie to any movie after 5:30pm at the Leitersburg Cinemas to get in free! You must be wearing it (or a blanket with sleeves, is there another blanket with sleeves other then the snuggie?!) and you can get into any movie even the VIP showings for fre!
If you learn nothing else from me learn this TAKE ADVANTAGE of free thing...even if you have to were a snuggie!

Let me know if anyone goes by commenting on this post in Facebook!

Stay warm friends!


January Meal Plans, Plus my Favorite Recipes

welcome to January's Monthly Meal Plan! I updated my planning just a little here are the new highlighted items.

My highlighted sections are for
  • Special events- times when we will not be home for a meal, vacations, birthdays ect I also write the special event out at the top of the day because sometimes this can sway you from making a 4 course dinner to just popping in a pizza!
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
Here is how I meal plan meals for a month and stick to my $150.00 grocery budget. 
Here is how I buy meat and stock up.

This month my meal plans reflect some of my 2014 goals, mainly eating more healthy and focusing on spending less and saving more. My mini goals for January are:
  1. No soda
  2. Healthier snacks
  3. Use my freezer and pantry items more to use up older items and lower the grocery list
Here are some of the recipes I will be using:
3 bean enchiladas ( I made mine 2 bean and used crean cheese in place of the cream of chicken)
2 ingredient pumpkin muffin I will be freezing some for easy morning meals

Okay folks that wraps up another yummy month of meal plans! 
Like what your seeing? Share it with your friends!

Check out Get a L.I.F.E {Lesson in Frugal Economics} a money saving workshop like no other! 


2014 Yearly Goals

Happy 2014! This year my over all motto is to "spend less and save more". Sounds good huh? I wanted to share with you my personals and blog goals this year. I think this is a fun idea because
  1. you get to know me a little better. I'll admit it is odd publicly announcing that we have debit and I struggle with small amounts of depression to all the readers, however, in the long run it just shows that I am human and I hope to inspire others that think they may not be able to overcome their situation.
  2. You all make me accountable! I stated this little blog so I could meet the need of area match-ups, share my frugal knowledge, AND so I could be accountable to more then just myself (that is never any fun)
  3. It is important for everyone to know where I would like to go with TNTL (The new way to say The Nifty Thirty Lady) in 2014 and if you have any thoughts you can share them!
*This post is in Vlog (Video Blog ) format. You will be seeing alot more of this in 2014 so subscribe to either our emails or YouTube Channel to never miss a beat.

2014 Goals

  •    Exercise 30 mins 4 day/week
  •    Eat more healthy-weight watchers
  •   Spend time outside
  •    Attend 2 play dates/month
  •    Attend Church regularly
  •    Think more positive
  •     Manage depression
  •     Establish morning and evening routines

  •         Pre-plan each class
  •         Meet Bi-weekly goals

  •   Create a schedule for post and social media
  •    Launch NTL.com
  •    Post creative and improved content
  •     Create no new debt
  •     Yearly savings plan
  •     Payoff all debt and maintain
  •    Have one and one time with Chris 
  •    Be more present during day with Colton
  •  Maintain friendship
  •  Work on marriage


2013 in Review...The good, the bad, and the not-so-good

2013, oh 2013....how I am glad to see you go. Hi everyone! If you have been wondering where I have been, I was on a blogging break from December 16 until now. It was a much anticipated and needed break for me. I blog as a hobby but have been making strides to make The Nifty Thrifty Lady a more professional blog. With this comes a lot of behind the scenes work and a lot of time that I was not giving to my family. So, I was very excited to take a nice long Christmas break and enjoy the time we had together!

Today everyone is back at their respective places. I am home at the moment planning out the week, my husband is off to work, my oldest son is back to school, and our youngest is still asleep trying to recoup from staying up until midnight on NYE (P.S. he did that all by himself!)

I am happy to be back behind the computer and am ready for a very exciting 2014 here at TNTL (this is the new way to say THE NIFTY THRIFTY LADY).

I first wanted to recap from 2013 as I a firm believer in reevaluating yourself from time to time and the new year is always a good opportunity for that.

So here is a look at the good, the bad, and not so good parts of 2013!

The Good-
The Bad-
  • Our youngest son visited the hospital twice in 2013. Once with RSV and once with Croup. This does not pertain to TNTL but it surely effected it because I was unable to post for a good while.
  • 2013 was also a very bad year for my car. Being frugal means that our family uses cars until they are on their last leg or until the repair bill is larger than its worth. Well this year my 2005 Jetta decided to be very un-frugal and need a new thermostat, alternator, and catalytic convertor. Yeah. so our emergency funds have been depleted and 2014 is going to be a year to focus on saving to replace that. 
The Not-So-Good -
With a blog you never know what is going to work and what won't and what is going to be too time consuming!

  • The first NTL challenge did not go over so well :( It is okay. I will not give up on these just yet so look for more in 2014.
  • Monday Match-ups well folks I was not on the ball with this in 2013. To write match-ups it takes a very long time. So I have deceided to write match ups for WEIS and MARTIN'S only. They are the only stores that are not done by a larger COUPONing site. I hope you are all okay with this decision. If you need help finding a site for Target, CVS, or other store match-ups contact me!
Well folks that is 2013 in a very brief review! Tomorrow I will be sharing a peek at 2014 and all it has to offer us!

Please stay tuned and join me in making 2014 a fun, frugal, and balanced year!