Introducing Ur Sweet Repeats: Kid's and Maternity Consignmet Sale

In my youngest son's closet right now I have 2 tubes and a trash bag FULL of 0-12 month clothes, I also have outgrown baby gear and a few baby toys that are no longer age appropriate. You know why I am keeping them....Yay, I don't either!! 

Here is where I am torn
make $ or keep tons of clothes with memories
This is my last child so some of the outfits have seen both of my boys and my nephew! *Tears and sobs*

It is time to get rid of them folks and I am very happy to introduce you to local Kid's and Maternity Consignment Sale Ur Sweet Repeats, LLC. They are going to help you get the old clothes out and make top dollar doing so!
I meet owner Lauren A. at a local networking group and we have been talking ever since about business and frugal living. It just made sense to tell all my fabulous frugal friends about her too! 
April 10-12th @ the Amvets Pavilion,
 750 5th Ave. Chambersburg, Pa 17201
  Hours: Thur & Fri 7a - 7p, Sat 7a-3p (50%off sale)
I "interviewed" Lauren about Ur Sweet Repeats and asked for some insider tips on buying and consigning here is what she had to say:

 Ur Sweet Repeats is a great name for a consignment sale how did you come up with it?
   My Husband and I brainstormed ideas (with the help of some friends) and loved the idea of passing on "repeats" in "sweet" (great) condition. All items were once cherished by our "sweet" little ones and now will be passed on to others!
 What are your best tips for consigners?
   Price items to sell! Think what you would be willing to pay second hand for that item! If you choose to donate your item, be sure to DISCOUNT it! It is better to receive something for your items if you are going to donate them.
Can you suggest a "STRATEGY" for shopping at the sale?
  To find the best deals on the biggest selection of items, score an early shopping pass! You can get into the pre-sale before the sale opens to the public! (How to do this - CONSIGN, Volunteer for 4 hours and receive a pass, Register as a new parent, or provide Military or Law Enforcement ID)
Others in the area may know this sale as Annies, Why did you take the opportunity to buy the business?
  For many years my family and I have enjoyed volunteering, consigning, and shopping at Annie's. We look forward to continuing to provide the excellent opportunities and experiences Annie's has offered us and other families. Our family wanted to continue on the tradition and provide families with a way to sell and shop for gently used children's and maternity items.
What are some hot items that everyone is looking for at this spring sale?
  Baby equipment is a hot seller, along with toys, outdoor toys, holiday outfits, clothing and more!
 What sets us apart from the rest!
      *** We offer 65-100% of sales! Highest consignor payout in the area!
     Locally owned and operated! - High customer service and consignor service! - may email us to rent tagging guns, or if you are in need of hangers!
      *** Volunteer earn 5% additional consignor percentage for every 4 hours you volunteer - up to 100% of sales
 ***Referral Program If you refer a NEW consignor you earn 5% more of sales for each referral, up to 100%. They must enter your name at time of registration 
Interested in more? Connect with Ur Sweet Repeats!
  Phone: 7174043776

 ~New Parents may visit our website for pass information! 
 ~We are Military and Law Enforcement Friendly - Simply show your id and you are welcome to shop early at the Exclusive Pre-Sales

This sounds like a great sale to try! I am going to clean out my son's closet and do it! How about you? 
*I was in no way compensated to write or post this article
Until next time
Have a fun, frugal, and balanced day!

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