Please! Call me Frugal

or Tightwad, pinny-pincher, stingy, thrifty, conserver, saver, money warden. These names are synonymous of a lifestyle that has been given a bad reputation and I am here today to say frugality is not bad, you should not be frugal in secret and you will  not live a deprived life if you are frugal!

Frugality is not bad:
Saving money does not have to look like the latest episode of TLC's Cheapskates, you do not have to reuse toilet paper, hoard ketchup, or stop spending money for that matter! To be frugal you just have to spend money wiser. Learn how to take advantage of sale cycles, buy a season ahead, look for opportunities to save on everyday costs and get nifty when it comes to earning income.

Some examples: for Christmas we had some unexpected car repairs that ate into our Christmas Savings, so instead of going into debt to pay for presents we went through our old movies, video games, and textbooks to trade in at Amazon.com. We made $210.00. I then hit the sales papers and black Friday sales intensely to buy for 15 people and only use that money. (If you are interested you can see my black Friday trip here)

Don't be a Closet Frugalistia:
Yea I have been there and done that. I didn't tell anyone for a LONG time that I couponed and in the grocery stores I would hide my coupons just so I didn't get looks and questions. It was kinda awful looking back on it because I saved so much money and was able to help out friends and charities but no one knew that it was because I couponed. Then I started a hardcore budget and this meant that we didn't always go out every weekend (we would opt for a family fun night) and we traded lots of small immaterial things to save and purchase more reliable things. All of this was done in somewhat secret so we didn't have explain to everyone that we were trying to spend wiser and ultimately become a single income family for a while. 
Once I told everyone that I couponed and was a crazy saver they got it and loved it! So get excited when you save, tell everyone and don't hide it!!

Frugal Does NOT Equal Deprived:
This seems to be a HUGE misconception when someone says they live a frugal lifestyle! Furgality does not deprive your just like eating healthy does not deprive you. It is all about choices. Do you eat the 1 cookie that is 500 calories or the 1 apple with P.B. and sugar free jello? Translated in money terms do you spend each weekend eating out, shopping, and seeing movies or do you choose to do this once a month, take a family vacation twice a year, and save the rest for retirement? It is all about a balance when you live frugally. Making sure that your choose is the best reward for your hard earned dollar! I hope you will join me in 2014 to learn how to live a frugal lifestyle and if you see me out and about I might just answer to "Hey, Frugal!"

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