Eat In February Challenge: Understanding your Families Eating Habits Challenge #2 (Family Staples List)

""Mom! We are out of milk.", " There's no P.B. left!!", " "Dear, I don't like peppers and onions in my food."

Does this sound like your house?  Well it used to be my house too! We were always out of some important staple, I was always cooking fancy meals that no one liked, and we could never keep milk in the house (for real).

At that time I was working part time and going to school full time and had two terribly picky eaters (my oldest son and husband!)

I HAD to figure something out because we were eating out all the time so everyone could get something they liked.  I was also paying full price for staples we were out of at a local grocery store that was WAY to expensive. Yes folks I was always frugal, just not always smart :)

One night I wrote a list of all the things that I knew my family would eat everyday no matter what (it wasn't very long and it wasn't very healthy). After looking at it and seeing how small it was I went to them and asked them what they liked and absolutely wouldn't eat. They were short on the good end and long on the bad end!

After that I started only buying what was on that list. It would change from time to time. My oldest's list actually got shorter and my husbands got longer. But it helped me to focus on what I needed.

When I started couponing I created the ultimate guide "The Ward's Family Staples".  It is just a simple list of what my family loves and hates dislikes very much:

There is nothing fancy about it. I just use this ALL the time in planning my meals, grocery lists, and even when grandparents ask what to make.

Here is the FREE printable for your family!

Week 2 of Eat in Feb:
  • The Challenge: Create a family staples list
  • Weigh in Wednesday : Share your completed inventory lists with #eatinfeb you can do this on any social media platform or by email! 
  • Blog Posts : Week two is really going to help you create an easy system for planning meals and buying the ingredients at the lowest price point.
  • Rules : This week you are allowed to eat out on Valentines day AND one other day. NO SNACK STOPS! Complete your family staples list and meal plan for the eat in challenge!
You can check out all the details of the challenge here!

I hope you are enjoying the months challenges and are starting to fully understand why food planning and prep are so important.

Tomorrow is Weigh In Wednesday! Share your completed inventory lists for your chance to win a free Get a L.I.F.E. Ticket!

Until next time!


  1. One year ago my family changed our eating habits and level of physical activity. I like how you have put together a list of your family's likes and dislikes, which is a starting place.

  2. I complied my list out of necessity, I have to very picky eaters and I really needed to feed them healthy and not waste food. I hope that your changes are going great! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. GREAT idea!!! I feel like I am running in the rat wheel when it comes to feeding my family and this inspires me to get organized! THANKS!

  4. I've kind of done this... not quite as solidly as you, but I do have a list of 'every week we buy it" staples. I've also learned that there is no point in planning 7 days worth of meals, instead I plan 4 and we fill in with the staples we keep all the time.