Let's Talk:Weigh in Wednesday


As part of our new monthly challenges Wednesday will be a day to let your voice be heard! You are invited to share your thoughts, progress, fears, hit points, low points, or just say hi! You can do this on any social media platform, by email, or leave a comment below! If you are using Fb, Twitter, or Instagram use #eatinfeb so you can be entered to win a Get a L.I.F.E. Ticket.

This Wednesday I want to hear what your thoughts about this challenge are, what the hardest part might be, if you use a food inventory system and anything thing else you want to talk about!
There is a post on both FB and Twitter where you can leave your thought now! ***I love to hear from you. It is really an inspiration to me to keep blogging AND it helps me know what everyone needs help in. SO get to typing and join in on the conversation!

1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea. It really is the inspiration behind Weight Watchers - the support system. I hope you get more comments next week.