Celebrating Right Here!

Holy Smokes! Last night after posting a rather open post on transitioning from working mom to SAHM I posted it to Facebook (of course) and looked at the "Likes" count....WE HIT 500!! That is huge for me!

 Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! This is a pretty crazy milestone for me. To celebrate I would love to answer some of your questions that you might have for me! They can be anything you have been wanting to know  about couponing, frugal living, summer fun on the cheap, something about my life perhaps, parenting, you get the drift! You can leave the question the comment section below, on our FB page, or email me!
I will post a Vlog( Video blog) on youtube once we get 5-8 questions:) If we get more I will do two!

Plus! I will have a 500 Like Giveaway at the end of the first blog:)

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