Hot Groupon Deal: Hagerstown Sun's Baseball Game!

I am stoked to be kicking off our summer with a great Groupon Deal for what else?! A Hagerstown Sun's Baseball Game!

Here is the deal:

Day: June 13th at 6:05pm
Price: $19.00 for two
           $35.00 for four
(I had a $10.00 discount for a local event from Groupon so I snagged a family of four for $25.00!)
General admission seating
4 Hot dogs
4 Drinks
4 Bags of Chips
the firework after show ------That is the best part
Here is the link to Join Groupon

Under the Sink Re-do for under $8.00!

My summer project is a little lengthy this year. Maybe because I am in a good place with live in general I feel productive and ready to accomplish lots of thing or maybe I am just in desperate need of organization and control of the clutter. Whichever one it is I am excited to start with under my sink and at a whopping $8.00 I think it was a great place to start!

My Dollar Tree Journey
I wasn't always a Dollar Tree lover. Nope. For many years I stayed away because I thought that the quality and quantity vs. the 1.00 wasn't really that great. I could spend $2.00 extra dollars for tin or hair tie and have it hold up better and get much more.

This changed when I started teaching at a pre-school! The Dollar Tree items were a lifesaver to a low budgeted teacher from the Popsicle sticks, to chore charts to balloons and storage solutions, I am a Dollar Tree Junkie! 

So here is my disclaimer, the Dollar Tree items are not going to last for you to pass down to your great-grandchildren (they probably won't want them anyway) and they are not always the most attractive solutions but they are BPA free plastics, have lead free paints, will cost you a fraction of the price of even Walmart, and are durable enough to let toddlers use them over and over again,

Now onto the real stuff!

Dollar Tree Under the Sink Re-do
Under my kitchen sink needed some MAJOR help! We have lived in our home for four years and I have never tried to organize it in any way because the space is small, dark, creepy, overwhelmed with cleaning supplies and I was scared to think of the cost to get shelves and bins.
Before. Judge free zone please!

This area was at the top of my summer project list. I have been really sticking to a great cleaning schedule for my home and this space was frustrating me...Every. Single. Day. This is how I choose to projects sometimes. I hope that is common.

So I decided that I would take $10.00 to the Dollar Tree and let the organization inspiration hit me!

Here is what I got:
Spending only $7.00 of the $10.00!
I am in love with the blue stack-able bins! They are large and $1.00 each. I am thinking of so many uses for them like in the  garage and art supply storage for the kids!

I did not end up using the small wire rectangle shelf so I will place it in my tub to use for another summer project.

Here is the after produce:

 Everyone breath in and breath out. Just looking at the after picture makes me relaxed! 

I used $6.00 worth of Dollar Tree storage items and 2 Command hooks that I found on Clearance at my first love Target for $1.79!
The total was $7.79!

I thought I would be helpful for you to see how I actually organized things with a quick Video:
If you would like to see more of my summer projects let me know!


From Working Mom to SHAM part 2

Oh yea! I made it a two part-er! Well I felt like the first part was heavy, deep, and not exactly how I wanted to leave things. So, I decided to share all of the amazing fun things that I have been doing with my time now that I have realized my purpose for staying home. I also want to include a little recap of Get a L.I.F.E. and our awesome family vacation!

Lets start with Get a L.I.F.E. This year was amazing! It was without a doubt a LOT of hard work but the outcome was nothing more then perfect! Our speakers were informative and funny, the classes were relevant to today's women (and men) plus the food was quite delicious! I can not give enough appreciation to all of those that attended, spoke, and of course the fabulous Stephanie who helped me behind the scenes listened to my many meltdowns and fits of panic. We raised a nice donation for the Carcinoid Cancer foundation and had also had some great giveaways from local small businesses! To see more about this head over to lessoninfurgaleconomics.com for a much more detailed recap coming soon!

A huge thanks to the Four Points by Sheraton in Chambersburg Pa! We used all four meeting room all day and had no issues at all!

The house was packed ;)

Stephanie Reese teaching her class parties on the cheap! Look for an uploaded version soon:)

Harmony Wilson gave a great talk about gardening AND had some great handouts!

Maggie Dubois  Speaking on Doterra Oils in the conference room with her adorable little guy in tow~

The next week I helped organize a Vendor Show at a local grange hall for 25 Work at home Mom's! The day was so much fun chatting with other women who had successful businesses!
So that was all oh my "Business stuff" back to back weekend was probably overkill but it was fun and rewarding to see so many people learn new things!

On April 4th and 5th I packed an overnight bag, grabbed my good friend Tiff and drove an hour to Stevens City, VA for a FREE Christians Women's conference. I was hoping to get some relaxation and a spiritual kick in the behind. God surely gave me that and much more! I was able to connect more in 24 hours with the Bible then I did when I had to read it front to back. My heart was open and God saw the opportunity to plant my purpose. I also was able to gain some new friendships! The conference was great for a free event it was over the TOP! At the end of the first night we were ran over with platters of full sized Hershey chocolate bars, chocolate covered strawberries and great music!

Group Selfie!!

Here is a great warp-up Video produced by the host church:

Right after this we celebrated our oldest son's 8th Birthday! What?!!? We don't do big parties anymore mostly because he requested us not to. This year though Jeff and I had something BIG up our sleeve.

 We completed our family with a new "pup"!! Vince is a 4 year old husky/Shepard mix and let me just say the best decision our family has ever made! So how we are "frugal" pet owners will surely be in a post soon!

In between Vince and Chris's Birthday we went on a family vacation to West Virgina to see Jeff's family. We try to make it once a year because both of his grandmother's live there and most of his uncle's and aunt's. We split the time 4 days in a cabin at Twin Fall's State Park and 4 days with his uncle and aunt. The trip was great. The boys get to see so many cousins their age and get to roam the mountains, fish, and run!

After vacation I revamped my daily routine 1.) Vince now needs daily walks and let outside, 2.) I knew I needed to be a better stay at home mom 3.) I live for routines 4.) I wanted to start having more family time.

So we have done some fun things since then:
Rock Climbing at the GreenFest!

Date Night in with yummy take out and candles

And me time! I am taking sewing lessons and making a beautiful skirt! Look at that fabric!!

 So there you have it! I have finally transitioned. I do not feel the need to have pressure on me to feel accomplished. Honestly household duties, school, and the kids are crazy pressure, we are trying to raise well adjusted children after all.

Thanks for listening to my journey! "Normal" Frugal living posts will resume now.

If you haven't already check out the last post and leave a question you would like for me to answer!


Celebrating Right Here!

Holy Smokes! Last night after posting a rather open post on transitioning from working mom to SAHM I posted it to Facebook (of course) and looked at the "Likes" count....WE HIT 500!! That is huge for me!

 Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! This is a pretty crazy milestone for me. To celebrate I would love to answer some of your questions that you might have for me! They can be anything you have been wanting to know  about couponing, frugal living, summer fun on the cheap, something about my life perhaps, parenting, you get the drift! You can leave the question the comment section below, on our FB page, or email me!
I will post a Vlog( Video blog) on youtube once we get 5-8 questions:) If we get more I will do two!

Plus! I will have a 500 Like Giveaway at the end of the first blog:)


Many are the Plans in a Person's Heart...(part 1)

But it is the Lord's purpose that prevails (proverbs 13:11). Friends, I am a living testament to this! It has been quite a while since my last post, however:
This time I am NOT apologizing.
This time I stopped and LISTENED to my heart and yes the Lord's purpose for me.
This time I am coming back refreshed, vibrant, and at peace with where  "The Nifty Thrifty Lady" is and will go.

Truth: I am a mother to two boys, that is the main reason that I am on hiatus from working. To take care of them and experience all the things I missed out on working full time with my oldest son.  Well, let just say that I was not doing a very good job of this for the past year. It has been a very hard transition for me from working outside the home to staying home. I thought it would be the easiest gig ever! Play, clean, cook, enjoy hobbies, piece of cake right? Wrong!! I am a highly motivated person when working outside the home. At work deadlines are created by a client, boss, ect. at home, Deadlines are only good for bills. At work you should probably smell good, be dressed in at least jeans, and socialize with people around your own age with around the same interest, at home showering is a treat, getting real clothes on even to venture to the school drop off lane is a bonus, and adult socialization is unfortunately husband and wife and in general that is very stuffy. So yeah if you can't tell I was not in a good place staying home, even though that is ALL I wanted to do!

I dived head first into the blog, I gave myself deadlines for posts and the workshop, I attended networking meetings to make myself get dressed and met like minded people for some adult interaction. It was great! But guess what, all of this meant  finding a sitter for my little guy, blogging and preparing until the early hours of the morning and not wanting to wake up to get my oldest off to school. I put in the bare minimum cleaning the house, communicating with my husband, and even my school work was left in the dust.

Then. Then my grams got sick. Not terminally sick. Just ill to where she can not drive. This was my tipping point. I was now not only responsible for my own family, blog, and school but caring for her and transporting her to and from places. 

Truth: I love my grams to death so I have no problem doing it. It just put a wrench in my oh so important "deadlines" and meetings!

I Think I Can. I KNOW I can pull this all off! I have to be this generations "supermom".

STOP! My body, mind, and soul was begging me to stop. So were my kids and husbands, my friends would have if I would every make time to talk to them.

Truth: I stopped blogging, studying, cleaning, caring about anything Yes, I even stopped couponing!. I went from "Superwomen" to "no-one-wants-to-be-that-women"

Truth: I couldn't find my place as a "Stay at home mom" until I went to a women's conference in April. It was a super quick conference, I went with 2 friends and stayed the night. The theme for the conference was to Shine away from Church. But that was not what I got from it. I finally found my place as women. No, this is not a testimony. But if you would like to hear that I would share. The speaker (Kim Sharp) spoke about breaking and when you are at your lowest you have to set priorities. 

HELLO! I talk about priorities all the time~ financial ones though. It hit me so hard it almost hurt, actually  it did hurt my heart a lot when I realized I had been given this amazing opportunity to stay home with my guys. Not every family can do this. God blessed me with knowing how to budget and being thrifty so one day our family could have me home. He gave me the hard working husband I have not so I could make up fictitious deadlines but so I can honor him and be the best mom/wife I can be!

You may have stopped reading because this has nothing to do with saving money. I am okay with that. This is MY blog :) and while I love all of the followers and friends that I have met through this blog I want to write and share what I want!

So The Nifty Thrifty Lady WILL continue.

It will just no longer my top priority. There will be no structured schedule. I will be posting anything from couponing deals to DIY to rants and family outings. Whatever my heart desires. My mission purpose is still to live a fun,  frugal, and balanced life. Just a lot more emphasis on balanced.

It is so invigorating not having to be bogged down with a blog schedule, I feel more productive and inspired to actually share projects I have and ideas that are new!
There you have it folks.
My purpose is to be a frugal mama, Mom, first, Frugal blogger (after, wife, believer, granddaughter, friend, and sister) so like 6th maybe?
Tell me that I am not the only one that has ever taken this long to enjoy staying home or finding the meaning to their life?! Tell me your experiences in the comments!  

Stay tuned for Part 2 to see all of things I have been up to!


$1.00 Summer Movie Schedule (Leitersburg Cinemas)

Click on the image to make it larger

Anyone can take part in the $1.00 summer movies! It is a cheap way to beat the heat and still have a great time.

Remember to eat before hand so you don't have to spend extra on concessions ;-)