Under the Sink Re-do for under $8.00!

My summer project is a little lengthy this year. Maybe because I am in a good place with live in general I feel productive and ready to accomplish lots of thing or maybe I am just in desperate need of organization and control of the clutter. Whichever one it is I am excited to start with under my sink and at a whopping $8.00 I think it was a great place to start!

My Dollar Tree Journey
I wasn't always a Dollar Tree lover. Nope. For many years I stayed away because I thought that the quality and quantity vs. the 1.00 wasn't really that great. I could spend $2.00 extra dollars for tin or hair tie and have it hold up better and get much more.

This changed when I started teaching at a pre-school! The Dollar Tree items were a lifesaver to a low budgeted teacher from the Popsicle sticks, to chore charts to balloons and storage solutions, I am a Dollar Tree Junkie! 

So here is my disclaimer, the Dollar Tree items are not going to last for you to pass down to your great-grandchildren (they probably won't want them anyway) and they are not always the most attractive solutions but they are BPA free plastics, have lead free paints, will cost you a fraction of the price of even Walmart, and are durable enough to let toddlers use them over and over again,

Now onto the real stuff!

Dollar Tree Under the Sink Re-do
Under my kitchen sink needed some MAJOR help! We have lived in our home for four years and I have never tried to organize it in any way because the space is small, dark, creepy, overwhelmed with cleaning supplies and I was scared to think of the cost to get shelves and bins.
Before. Judge free zone please!

This area was at the top of my summer project list. I have been really sticking to a great cleaning schedule for my home and this space was frustrating me...Every. Single. Day. This is how I choose to projects sometimes. I hope that is common.

So I decided that I would take $10.00 to the Dollar Tree and let the organization inspiration hit me!

Here is what I got:
Spending only $7.00 of the $10.00!
I am in love with the blue stack-able bins! They are large and $1.00 each. I am thinking of so many uses for them like in the  garage and art supply storage for the kids!

I did not end up using the small wire rectangle shelf so I will place it in my tub to use for another summer project.

Here is the after produce:

 Everyone breath in and breath out. Just looking at the after picture makes me relaxed! 

I used $6.00 worth of Dollar Tree storage items and 2 Command hooks that I found on Clearance at my first love Target for $1.79!
The total was $7.79!

I thought I would be helpful for you to see how I actually organized things with a quick Video:
If you would like to see more of my summer projects let me know!

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