How to have a FUN Free and Cheap Summer!

Since I have started staying home with the kids and I also know that it will be temporary, I have been filling our summers chalk full of fun experiences and memories! Of course I still have a budget to stick to (although sometimes I just want to blow it for the ultimate trip to Disney!) and was really surprised at all of the budget friendly things that have sprung up once I started doing some research.

Today I will be sharing my families summer plans and a TON of resources in the Washington County Tri-state area.  Not from here? Browse this post and start googling similar key words in YOUR area~

Our summer budget:

I allow $75.00 a month for summer activities. This includes eating after an activities and any items correlated  to it. So for our Make something Mondays the ingredients are calculated under this $75.00 Budget.

How do I come up with this money?
  • Summer Yard Sales: I usually have three yard sales in the summer and that money goes towards the summer fun fund
  • Saving Change: Yup I am that lady that walks into the bank with rolled change and gets cash for it! We have a Jar setting on our dryer for loose money, in our kitchen, and in our bedroom. All loose change goes there and is added to our summer fun fund
  • Facebook Yard Sale: IF I sell anything via a Facebook yard sale site that money normally goes to the fund as well. (there have been exceptions because we were selling something in order to purchase an updated version)
  • The boys pay: No they don't pay for their activities but for birthdays and Christmas we like to ask for experiences, gift cards, or cash specifically to use for summer
  • We cut back: It is hard to find area's for use to cut back on because we have a Zero balance budget and every dollar counts, but, during the summer months we find little ways to cut back on things. More major thing is produce at the store. We all garden and the harvests help us to save money there. We also don't do many home improvement or organizing projects over the summer we save that for spring or fall.
  • Save Tax Returns: When and if possible we put some money back from our tax returns either for summer activities or a family vacation. 
 Our Summer Calenders: 
Click on the month and a PDF of our Calender will pop up

First we have a "general" themed day Monday-Saturday
  • Make Something Monday: we get in the kitchen and make a new food or a meal for family and friends
  • Thrill Tuesday: We do something with water outside or totally off the wall fun inside!
  • Craft Wednesday: We will be making somethings with that day with our hands, body, or brain.
  • Trip Thursday: We get in the car with a grand destination in mind
  • Fitness Friday: Time to get moving and (unfortunately) sweating!
  • Sweet Treat Saturday: We might grab a sweet bite to eat or do something totally "sweet man"
 Links to our Make Something Monday recipes:
Pudding Pops
Vanilla Wafer's
Fruit Popsicles
Peanut Butter and Banana Ice Cream
Yogurt Pops

Links to our Thrill Tuesday
Sidewalk Chalk Paint
Turbo $1.00 movie (leitersurg Cinemas schedule)  Regal Cinema Hagerstown and Martinsburg
Homemade Sprinklers
Discovery Station
Lego Club 
Jaydee's Water Park
Slip n slide

Link to our Craft Wednesday
Wall Mural
Sponge Balls
Key Chain Chime
Paint Bags
Dinosaur Stained glass (walking with Dinosaurs)

Link to our Trip Thursday
Be-Hive- Free Karate Lesson
Fort Frederick
Monkey Joes
Viola Art
Shenandoah Valley Discovery Center

Links to our Fitness Friday
Wine Down Friday (AG-adventures)
Pool Noodle races
First Friday
Park Time

Links to our Sweet Treat Saturday
Faire off the Square
Monster Jam link will provide details for discounted tickets
Family Recreation
North Square Farmers Market (kids day is August 9th) Any Saturday kids ages 4-12 get $2.00 to spend on produce!
Bowling Saturdays are .99 games May-July Free Summer Reading Program through the Library
I signed both boys up for this program and printed out the corresponding reading charts, The best thing about the program is all of the free events the library is holding this year!
Here is all the information
Library events I find it easiest to choose the branch you would like to attend (ps The main branch has the most activities!)

Free Storytelling in the Parks
Please note the date posted below are Correct I contacted the director they hope to have the dates corrected on the website soon!

Tuesday, July 8—10:30am Boonsboro Shafer Park Pavilion #3
Wednesday, July 9—10:30am Smithsburg Veteran’s Park Pavilion
Thursday, July 10—10:30am Fort Ritchie Community Center
Friday, July 11—10:30am Hagerstown City Park Bandshell (*Invite Surry)
Monday, July 14—10:30am Cascade Pen Mar Park Dance Pavilion
Tuesday, July 15—10:30am Doub’s Woods Park North Pavilion
Wednesday, July 16—10:30am Williamsport Byron Park  Pavilion #3
Thursday, July 17—10:30am Maugansville Ruritan Park Pavilion
Friday, July 18—10:30am Hagerstown Marty Snook Park Pavilion #1

Free Yoga in the Park
Free Movies in the Park I am sure there are a TON more free happenings in the area and as I find them I will be sure to update!

Our summer will be PACKED with fun things that are free and cheap, Score on for the frugal mom's!

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