Weekly Tip

This weekly tip could potentially save you lots of money!

Save your glass jars you get when buying items at the grocery store!

This idea first came to me a bout a year ago when I was starting to prep for my little guys first birthday party.

We buy our spaghetti (for the most part) and I have thrown out tons of jars! Jelly jars are another example. You can keep them and use them to store homemade jam or jellies. But don't limit it to just food jars CANDLE Jars are great to repurpose as well!

To clean a jar take the label off. There will be a sticky glue part left on where the label was the simplest way to clean this is white vinegar and hot water. I run mine through the dishwasher then.

I have used the jars for parties,  vases, storage for food, crafts, and even bathroom supplies!

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