The BE-hive (Maryland, West Virgina locals)

I really have not thought a lot of what I want to do when I retire. I am not 30 yet so I think that is okay. I mean financially we are planning with life insurance,401k's savings, ect. but, I have not really thought about if I want to travel or volunteer or be the best grandma ever. That was until we made our way last Thursday to Martinsburg, WV for a free Tae Kwon Do demonstration at this little children's place called the BE-hive. I went on recommendation from a good friend who knows I am down for anything free and  will entertain my children!

I got that and whole lot more!

The Be-Hive is located in downtown Martinsburg, WV I was not at all familiar with the area so I parked on the street but I am betting there is some public parking lots near by. The storefront is so cute and inviting. One of my favorite things being an over protective mom is that there is a volunteer at the door which is locked at all times. They open the door, very friendly, and greet you as you come in. Then once you are in (sounds exclusive doesn't it!) you sign a guest book and are given the Be-Hive's "mission statements and Values" on business cards to take home!

These are some great values for children and adults alike!

The "Hive" opens at 4:30pm or an hour before the nights activity. This time is great for free play and to listening to the owners play guitar and sing.  There are yummy treats for the kids and adults as well! Remember this is all done free of cost!

Colton really enjoyed dress up and the kitchen area!
 The scheduled events last about 1 hour and then there is a little more free time before it is time to hit the road. There are free events, crafts, movies, and demonstrations happening at the Be-Hive Wednesday- Saturday. We went down because they were having a Tae Kwon Do demo from a local group that offers lessons. My oldest son has been really interested in learning some self-defense art form and I thought this would be the smartest and most budget friendly to see if he would like it!

 The atmosphere is very fun and caring, I will say that this demo was not really age appropriate for my 21 month old BUT they were completely fine with him playing relatively quite in the free play center while my oldest enjoyed the demonstrations. The Be-Hive is a non-profit organization ran by two retirees. They run what they call a "Family Inspiration place, ran on a positive value system"

So to wrap up my opening I want to do this when I retire offer a healthy environment for free so children and parents can come and grow!

Here is the Be-Hives list of events for July and be sure to like them on Facebook to stay up to date with them!



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