Fall Wreath and Vase for $5.00

I am just miss crafty this fall! I really don't have a "DIY THUMB" but do love to have a seasonally decorated home on the cheap. My grandmother owened her own flower shop when I was younger, my dad and grandfather are wood workers so you could say I should be able to throw some decent looking pieces together. I do take that knowledge to make simple and inexpensive things but my biggest secret is the DOLLAR TREE! I heart 1 million times the Dollar Tree for so many things in my home like organization, planner supplies, party items, you name it I have tried it from there.

Today I am sharing with you my latest two projects from this fabulous store a fall wreath and vase.

1 Fall bunch with pine cone and pumpkin
1 round styrofoam wreath
1 9 yard ribbon (I prefer the wire edges)
1 strand of fall leaves
Cost $4.00 from the Dollar Tree 
Acorns from back yard
Mason jar
Optional: loose fall leaves @ Dollar Tree as well

 Step One:
Wrap ribbon tightly around the wreath
When you get to the end do not cover the whole wreath, leave a gap as shown
Use a hot glue gun to fasten the loose end of the ribbon
 Step Two:
Wrap the strand of fall leaves around the wreath
take the ends and tuck under the ribbon in the gab we left in step 1
The leaves may not look perfect but we will take care of this later
 Step Three:
Disassemble the fall bunch so that you only have the pumpkin, berries, and pine cone without any leaves
Next, take the wire stems and bend let sticking them in the styrofoam between the gap
 Step Four:
Take one of the fall leaves and hot glue to cover the green gap
 Step Five:
Strategically hot glue some of the leaves from the strand to cover the entire wreath

Here is the final product!

To Make the Vase:
I disassembled all of the orange leaves from the fall bunch and gathered some of the acorns in my back yard to fill the bottom of a Mason Jar I had lying around! This was a simple and FREE project.

I am sharing this project at Crafting at in the Rain and Kathe with With an E

What are you doing for fall decor?


  1. Cute! Love the colors you choose for your wreath!

    1. Hi Linda, thank you, In the sun the darker color is sort of purple so it doubles for Halloween and Fall!