Have You Heard of doTERRA Essential Oils?

Remember back in March when I hosted the second Get a L.I.F.E workshop?  One of the classes I offered was an intro to essential oils. I have to be honest with you this was a very quick add on class because of the invited speaker had a family event that they had to attend. I hand pick all of the presenters and when the essential oils class was offered to me I didn't know what to say. I did a quick search and found a staggering amount of information not only on essential oils but the company that Maggie worked for: doTERRA. Saying a prayer and having faith I invited Maggie to speak. Not only was the class a hit the connections and people that were helped with the oils made me almost cry when talking to Maggie later on.

My oil collection to date
What are essentials oils? How can they help me? These were the burning questions in my head after hearing everyone talking about the class.

So I of course talked to Maggie and set up a class at home to fully understand why the oils worked, how they were safe to use internally (this was a biggie for me), and if I would benefit from using them as apposed to my almost nonexistent medical regimen now.

Maggie is very well versed in all things natural and she completely turned me on to essentials oils from natural cleaning to easing minor aliments and boo-boo's!

I wanted to share with you her Facebook Page she is a globe trotter and destined for this position! Show her some Facebook love if you will and tell her I sent you ;)

Even better news we will be welcoming Maggie back to Get a L.I.F.E. 2015!!


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