Live Q & A Chat for October: Focusing on Holiday Budgeting plus surprise!

Hi everyone! I love the idea of having a live Question and Answer session with you. I wish I could chat all day about saving money and being wise stewards of finances!

The co-contributor, my behind the scene sister had an EXCELLENT idea: Themed Q&A! Why is this such a good idea?
  • This will help people know which Q&A to attend (I mean don't you really want to see them all?)
  • Everyone that is watching will have the same interest so the other questions will lend themselves to help everyone.
  • I can research and research and of course prepare for the topic which will then give YOU the best answer
Mark Your Calenders!

 On October 21st we will be getting down to the Nitty- Gritty of budgeting! Plus if you ask a live question there will be a little something special coming your way :)

How does the Q&A work Read all about it here!

I can't wait to chat with you!

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