Live Question and Answer Chat 9/24/14!!

I cordially invite you to the second Question and Answer Chat THIS Wednesday! 

Ask me anything, from the comfort of your own house! You will be able to see and hear me, but I won't be able to see or hear you! Nice, right.

I receive many questions from you awesome readers and lot's of times it would be SOOO much easier for me to explain them in person! I thought why not? Enter the Live Q&A Chat!

How it Works:
  • I will host a live Google Hangout that is powered through Google+ and Youtube. This enables EVERYONE to watch from ANYWHERE!
  • At 8:30pm est I will post a picture and the link to the live event to our Facebook wall. To join just click on the link and BAM! Live event
  • To have your question answered ask it under the picture and link post. All live question will be answered live (until time runs outs). 
  • Can't make it to the live event submit your question in the comment section below or by Facebook Message. After the live questions are answered I will go to the previous submitted answers.

You can see the very first Q&A here

What to ask:
You can ask me anything really from how I save money with coupons, How to set up your first budget, to how I pack lunches to how old I am or if I plan to work outside the house. I can do my best to answer questions about your budget, Christmas ideas and more!

Some other questions I get
*How do I budget for unexpected expenses
* What do I need to start saving money and getting ahead
* How do you only spend 175.00 a month on groceries for a family of 4
* Is credit always bad
* How To... Should I....

 * Do you pay for extra curricular activities

How do I watch live:

1 Subscribe to my Youtube channel (be sure to check out all of the videos I posted if you do and say hi). Then at 8:30pm look for the live event to pop up, click on it and watch live.
3. Wait for me to post the link to the live event on my Facebook page. Click on the link and enjoy!
This event is going to be very fun and informal so please don't feel embarrassed to join or to ask any questions! 


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