Meal Plans- 9/15/14

 There seems to be so many people these days looking for meal ideas i.e. Pinterest anyone?  Among the millions of recipes, cooking hacks, and plate envy I thought I would share with you my weekly meal plans. I have shared HOW I meal plan and WHY but I not really gotten into all of the budget friendly and for the most part healthy meals I make. So on Mondays I will be doing my best to take you into my kitchen for the week and show you whats on our menu.
This week we are having Buffalo Wild Wings I purchased a $25.00 gift card in advance because they were part of a Gas Promo deal at Martin's. it was a great win-win! P.S. also an advantage of having your meal planned out :)

I will be eating in Philly twice this week and my husband will be making deli meat roll ups while he is home watching the boys

A quick picture of my weekly Tea Prep, one is sweetened and one is unsweetened.

This is my baked tortellini that I will be pre-making for my husband to toss in the oven while I am out of town :)

 Monday Prep:
Sweetened Tea
Unsweetened Tea
Baked Tortellini
Cheezits (homemade recipe)

I hope everyone is liking this Monday Meal Plan post!


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