Meal Plans: 9/8/14

 There seems to be so many people these days looking for meal ideas i.e. Pinterest anyone?  Among the millions of recipes, cooking hacks, and plate envy I thought I would share with you my weekly meal plans. I have shared HOW I meal plan and WHY but I not really gotten into all of the budget friendly and for the most part healthy meals I make. So on Mondays I will be doing my best to take you into my kitchen for the week and show you whats on our menu. Next week I will share pictures from this week (which I know seems odd but are you really going go buy my exact meal plan this week? I wouldn't recommend it because it is not very frugal ;)

I still have a free turkey in my deep freeze from the Martin's promo last November. I decided to use if on this busy week!

This breakfast is my normal rotation. I make a big batch of waffles, pancakes, or muffins on Saturday morning and freeze for the week.
Monday Prep:
Half Gallon of Sweet Tea
Half Gallon of Unsweet Tea
Rice Krispy Treats
Carrots, Celery and Rice for Noodle Soup
Veggies (cut and wash) for Hummus

My husband loves that I meal plan and that there is always some sort of dinner at home after a long day at work. He even asked me to put my menu on our google calender so he can see what yummy goodness will be on his plate the night!

Tell me your favorite meal planning tools!



  1. I've never thought to use our Google calendar for menu planning. That is BRILLIANT. :D

    1. Leave it to my slightly OCD hubby to come up with that one!! Although it is a good idea.

  2. Great idea and yummy menu. I've had soup all week cus mama has been sick :(
    Cinella @ The Mami Blog

    1. I hope you feel better! I will not want turkey dinners until Nov. for sure!

  3. This is a super cool idea! Visiting from Blogging Mommy Meetup! <3

  4. I love meal planning as it helps save us some money. I've just recently started meal planning my breakfasts and lunches as well because we still over spend for those meals.