Locals: I Heart Handmade Market is Back!

I love shopping local for gifts just as much as getting great deals at the big box store. Actually, the awesome deals I get at those stores helps we support the local economy so it is really a win-win.


Homemade Crock-pot Freezer Applesauce (plus bonus harvest treat)

A year cannot go by without me putting my crock-pot to work making delicious homemade applesauce. The best part of this simple snack is that a little goes a REALLY long way! Today I wanted to share my recipe, process, and a way too cute idea for a harvest treat!



Time Management: How to Juggle it all with P.R.I.M.E.

Routines"The less routine the more life"~ Amos Bronson Alcott

Well Mr. Alcott I have to respectively disagree!


Time Management: How to Juggle it All with P.R.I.M.E.

 "You can do ANYTHING, but not EVERYTHING"

 Time. That is a very loaded word to everyone in the world.  I was sitting with my husband the other day and we were talking about how in the beginning before there was no sin time did not matter as much. We all lived and never died.


Free Kindle Download: The Complete Minecraft Book Series!

I wish I would have recorded my son's face when I told him I got him the complete Minecraft Book Series for free!


Pepperoni Rolls (Fresh or Frozen)

Our family loves pizza…is there a family that doesn’t? My family may also be guilty of liking Hot Pockets too! Well, our grocery budget really does not allow for the purchase of Hot Pockets because they are close to $1.55 per pocket. I bet most of you are shaking your head thinking that is a great deal! Well for some it is. However, for the price of 2 Hot Pockets I can easily make 4 Pepperoni Rolls! 


Frugal Fashion: Jamberry Nail Review

I am going to start right off the bat and say I am NOT a trend setter. Nope, I still own half my wardrobe from high school and could not tell you the latest fall must haves.

But, I do know an innovative, mommy friendly, and most importantly FRUGAL fashion statement when I see one!

So what am I talking about?
Jamberry Nail Wraps!


Holiday Budgeting Tracker: How to Plan a Debt Free Christmas

Breaking news! We have 12 weekends until Christmas…Yes you heard me right only 24 Friday and Saturdays to get your shopping done, travel arranged, food made and of course halls decked with lights and garland. 

Debt Free Christmas